To Ink or Not

Trying to decide on that bit of ink you want forever on your body? I’m not gonna lie, I think tattoos are great. When they are the right thing in the right place, some are amazing art and I’m an artsy girl. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily support the process. However, if you are debating on whether or not to get one, weigh the pros and cons. Here’s a good article I came across with details of the process and how to avoid some huge mistakes.   ~Dutch



Foods You Should Never Eat

berriesWe hear a lot about things we should take out of our diet. Some are common knowledge, like fish has high levels of mercury and sugar substitutes are linked to cancer and weight gain. But MSN had this list which included some things that were surprising to me. A lot of us already try to buy organic produce but did you know how bad non-organic strawberries are? I didn’t. They aren’t my favorite fruit but I do add them to my morning smoothies. Corn and canned tomatoes also had surprising harmful effects. Looks like we need to do a lot more research on what we put in our body. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? Read the rest of the list here.   ~Dutch

One tiny hand, don’t ask questions

The Chive never lets us down! Try to look at these little hands without dying laughing. Happy Friday!  ~Dutch

Instagram Videos?

videoToday’s Throwback is to yesterday, that is before Instagram added videos. I’m not happy about this. Sometimes I just like the simplicity of things. Remember how on MySpace, you could customize your backgrounds and then Facebook came out and everyone had the same one? So much less complicated. Then Facebook had to add things like more buttons and then the dreaded timeline. I suppose if people are constantly switching between their Instagram and Viddy or Vine, they might like having it all in one place. But Instagram became so popular because it was JUST photos. That’s why it’s so great. I remember when it first came out, of course I got it right away and loved the filters. What I didn’t know was that you had followers and people were able to see what I was taking pictures of…awkward! I made my account private right away. None of my friends had accounts and I liked using mine to share photos with my family. Flashback to today: everyone I know is on it, I have hundreds of photos, and I’m pretty much addicted to it. I’m sure I’ll get used to the new video addition, but for now, I’m protesting. Update your app to get the new feature…if you like that sort of thing.    ~Dutch

The Lion and the Weenie Dog

Remember that old movie Milo and Otis? It was supposed to be a cute kid’s movie about the unlikely friendship of a dog and a cat. I didn’t like it. A dog and a cat can be unusual but not as much as a dog and a lion. Milo and Bonedigger are getting famous from their strange friendship. Bonedigger is a 500 pound lion at an Oklahoma park and Milo is a cute little dachshund, my favorite! Bonedigger has some kind of disability which could contribute to his temperament and he has been best friends with a pack of dachshunds since they were all young. Now, my dachshunds are sweet as can be but even so, we have to separate them for feeding time because one gets real mean when anyone tries to share her food. It’s crazy to see this giant lion sharing piles of meat with these little dogs and even letting them sleep on him! There are a few videos out there from this park but I will post a sweet one of when they were younger. Enjoy!   ~Dutch

The Photoshop Blues

cruzPhotoshop is an amazing program. When it comes to making ourselves look better, we love it! The downside is when you look through a magazine and get depressed about how everyone in the world looks so much better than you. Do you ever flip pages and find yourself saying, “Didn’t she just have a baby?? Aren’t they 10 years older than me??” Well guess what? It’s all Photoshop! So that actress in her 40’s DOES have way more wrinkles than you and everyone has fly-aways on their head and most women DO have cellulite somewhere. I love this blog about before and after edited pics. You’ll feel a lot better when you see how much work goes into making people look flawless. Take it from me, you are way better than that false perception you have. You know why? Because you are real!   ~Dutch

When the World is Your Canvas

frogWhat a busy week! Happy it’s finally Friday. Something that I am really into these days is street art. From cool graffiti to sidewalk chalk masterpieces, it’s all pretty awesome. 3D sidewalk murals are amazing, go here to see some that will really blow your mind. Also, over at street art utopia, they have a list each year of great pieces. I’ve been scrolling through today and realizing how completely not talented I am. That’s ok, I can cook some great Mexican food. Everyone has their own niche. Happy Friday peeps!   ~Dutch

WWDC 2013

wwdc_2013There’s a ton of tech news this week, from the X1 Microsoft conference to the Sony PS4 event, but the one I want to type about today is Apple’s WWDC. If you’re an Android or Windows fan you should browse somewhere else, because Apple’s numbers don’t lie, they are making the products that people are using. Mac sales are up 100% versus PC sales only up 18%, iOS devices are the most loved among its users by an average of 20% greater satisfaction by end users than Android users. If I still have any Google fan boys here, things are getting worse; the latest iOS 7 being released this fall is going to bring some of the features that Android users always complain about with Apple products. The iOS user interface been completely redesigned with a flatter but more layered feel, with more ways to get access to the things you use the most. This isn’t a debate, I’m just giving you my one sided view, however it always seems to be the Android users in my life that want to hate on Apple. Personally, I don’t care, use what you like. I like Apple and I won’t shove it down your throat, well, besides this post, but I don’t want to hear about your plastic Android that runs some fragmented version of Google’s great OS. There is a method to Apple’s madness, but I’ll let you decide. Click here to watch the full keynote from yesterday. ~cw4ll

Health + Fitness

whLate post today! Cwall and I have a case of the Mondays so you readers will have to take what you can get. First off, Women’s Health magazine has been my favorite for years and years. I love the tips, recipes, real life stories, etc. A subscription is pretty cheap but these days I have it come right into my Tablet for under $2 an issue. So I read it regularly but never thought to share that until today. Check out your favorite fitness magazines and see if you can get digital issues.

Also, I came across this blog called The Haute Bunny and this girl has great routines to try. She hasn’t been blogging for much longer than we have and she has WAY more followers. Go to her site and see why. I have a few of her workouts saved that I have been doing and they leave me pretty sore. She has specific target areas as well as a 4 week challenge and Beach Body workout. She also features fashion and beauty on her blog. Go to her site and see how you can change up your own routine.   ~Dutch

In Sweet Potato News…

beansOnce upon a time, we would talk about food on this blog. There are so many food blogs out there though so we try not to make it a regular thing. However, readers love recipes! So today, I’m sharing my new love of sweet potatoes. While some have shied away from them because of the whole Atkin’s phase/carbs are the devil, these little guys are a good source of vitamins B, C, fiber, iron and magnesium.  I’m not a big french fry person but I do love sweet potato fries. Other than that, I had never had them. Sweet potato pie just sounds so wrong. Actually, I hate all the desserts associated with holidays. But I aim to try new recipes regularly, all from my Pinterest boards, and love when I find a new one that’s equally fast and delicious. That would be these black bean & sweet potato flautas from They take less than half an hour to prepare and cook and are pretty much amazing to eat. I used Daiya cheese in mine so I was able to accommodate my dairy-free and meat-free friends. You could try these sweet potato fries or crisps too. I’ve sliced them up, added some spices and a little olive oil to bake my own chips as well. Share your ideas if you have some good tips. Happy Friday world!   ~Dutch