Reasons You Shouldn’t Steal

phoneDo I really have to go on? Nobody should steal! It always sucks when someone steals from you. The worst is when it’s something irreplaceable. Family heirlooms, computers with personal photos/info, pets – all things that get stolen and make you wonder what kind of world we live in. Well that brings me to someone who sort of made lemons out of lemonade. At least they found humor in a grim situation. This person had their iPhone stolen. Yes, that sucks for everyone who has had this happen. Thank goodness for iCloud but still! Unfortunately, it happens a little too often. So the phone gets stolen but the clever little thief starts using the phone and doesn’t delete the Dropbox app. That means every photo and video he takes gets uploaded into Dropbox where the phone’s true owner can see. That brings me to the site “Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone”. It’s a blog with all the thief’s pics and a nice little narration of his life. Go here to see and read all about him. Good stuff!    ~Dutch


The Best Thing You’ll See Today

575485_10201313619584197_37920749_nWe all know that cats dominate the internet. Recently while I was at one of my favorite local watering holes, I noticed a change in the artwork on the walls. In place of where there are normally over priced artsy paintings from local artists for sale, was instead large prints of Cats in Outer Space. I couldn’t have been happier to see the confused faces of the local hipsters. Well after a week hiatus at the beach this past Memorial Day weekend, I did some light internet stalking and found the artist responsible for making me smile. Her name is Mandy Stoller and she runs Funky Catsterz. Stoller isn’t too far from my home town and has been based out of Nashville, TN since 2007. Currently, she is working with cats and Furbys (yes Furbys), but I’m sure if you asked nicely she’d put your dog in outer space with rainbow lasers and a David Bowie lighting bolt on it’s face. You can buy her stuff online, or like me, locally at a bar hanging on the wall. Want to collaborate with her? Follow her on Facebook and get in on some performance art, or that weird cat video you’ve been wanting to make where your cat DJ’s a house party while your friends all drink milk… ~cw

Thrift Store Shopping

mackA lot of us were thrift store shoppers before Macklemore started singing about it. Even though I have always loved finding great deals at local shops, now I’m even more obsessed because I like to resell stuff and collect vintage items for crafts. So I shop thrift stores A LOT. If you’re into it, check out Now when you are out of town, you can enter the city or zip code and find out from this site where all the thrift stores are. Not only that, people rate them and add reviews too. If you’re super cheap, there are sometimes coupons too, but come on! Find out hours to the nearest store, donation center, or add stores you know of to the directory and keep this great idea going. ~Dutch

Playstation 4 Live Stream

Check out the Sony Playstation event today at 4PM EST. Check out the live feed below, and if you really want to geek out come back afterwards for my take on it. I’m normally not that into console systems but this could be an interesting new set top box that does more than just play games.

Live video for mobile from Ustream

It’s THAT Day

If you thought we would ha500ve some Valentine’s Day tips for you today, you’re wrong. As Cwall said first thing this morning, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” For the record, I love movies like The Notebook. Maybe if more real life couples were as amazing as Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, I could put up with PDA and gross proclamations of undying love. Unfortunately, there’s only one Ryan Gosling. And real life Ryan doesn’t even admit publicly that he’s dating Eva Mendes, the hottest woman in Hollywood. So if you want everyone in the world to know your significant other is the BEST person in the world, he/she just cooked your favorite meal and everything they do is PERFECT, then write that all down in a card and give it to them. Don’t put it as your Facebook status. It’s a good way to get hidden from a newsfeed. I guess I did have a V-Day tip after all. Here are some good links for those anti-Valentines people: 12 E-Cards You Wish You Could Send To Your EX (including: “Sorry for your loss”), Anti Valentine’s Day Gifts from Café Press, and Anti-Valentine’s Day movies to watch tonight (like 500 Days of Summer!). You’re welcome.    ~Dutch


fortknocks-mattewhitesunset-main_1The first step to recovery is admitting your addiction. In my case, I have an addiction to sunglasses. It started at an early, early age, well before I could even afford my first pair of Ray-Ban’s. It could be worse I suppose, at least it’s not cell phone cases, (*cough* Dutch *cough*). Thankfully I’ve recently found a cure to my disease of hoarding protective stylish eye wear. Knockaround was started in 2005 in San Diego and has since grown in to a full grown sunglasses company, and now offers custom frames, limited editions, duffel bags and belts. They are produced in small quantities and the best part, they are cheap! Relatively speaking, they aren’t gas station cheap, but for custom designed, limited edition, environmentally conscious, polarized sunglasses they are a great deal. Through tomorrow they are having a moving sale for some of their frames, bags and belts, with prices starting at ten bucks and free shipping if you spend fifty. Enjoy! ~cwall

Young. Broke. Fab.

oxThat’s the motto at The Oxford Trunk, which obviously caught my eye. I’m a big fan of minimalist jewelry and they have plenty of it. They also have great scarves, shoes, purses – all under $50! A few things that I’m dying to have are sold out right now (like this cuff), but I’ll just have to buy some other things until more are back. These cute moccasin boots are only $22! They have a nice selection of handmade items available as well. For all you men, I can guarantee the lady in your life would appreciate a thoughtful gift from this site. If you can’t decide on something, browse through the best sellers or gift section. Check out their blog, follow them on Pinterest and Instagram, and make someone very happy with an Oxford Trunk purchase. ~Dutch

~ Top Posts ~


It’s the last day of 2012. We decided today we would do a blog recap with our top posts. The most viewed post of the year (or our 3 months of existence) is Cwall’s Landfill Orchestra. I was pretty impressed with that one too. It got 64 views! The next one is why Black Friday is Stupid, how you can just shop from your home and avoid the mass crowds. 27 Reasons to Not Have Kids was a big hit, a humorous take on everything wrong with children and why you are better off not procreating. Next was People Having a Worse Day Than You, mostly about how Lindsay Lohan can make you feel better about yourself but also a link with very embarrassing photos of people being caught looking really stupid. And the last of our Top 5 posts is Printstagram, a great site where you can print your Instagram photos. I have my poster up and framed in our house and it’s pretty popular. It’s like a summary of our year with all our friends. So these are our readers’ favorite posts. Let’s close out New Year’s Eve with a mashup of the top songs of 2012. We hope to keep entertaining you next year!   ~Dutch

Skateboarding Is Not A Crime

If you’ve never seen Kilian Martin skate you are missing out. His style is unique to skating, blending street and freestyle. This is skateboarding art. ~cwall

Time to Shave

It’s almost November, you know what that means. Time to shave off that scruff and get ready to show your spirit for men’s health and grow out that upper lip caterpillar that you call a mustache. The ladies had all of October and now it’s the guys turn! Before you reach for that rusty disposable face slashing plastic piece of crap in your bathroom drawer consider getting a real shave. Be a man and find a respectable barbershop. No not the one your dad made you go to growing up with the old guy constantly sweeping up the remains of those before you. If you’re in L.A. you might consider checking out Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, check the video after the break, they’ve been making high quality men’s products for years. If you’re not in California you can still pick up some of their goods online here.

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