Motherhood on the Rocks

toddler are like drunk peopleIf you are thinking about starting a family, maybe you babysit a friend’s kid to see how you do. Or hang out with other parents and see how they act. But did you ever think of preparing yourself by hanging out at a bar? Over at there is a great list of ways taking care of a toddler is like dealing with a drunk person. Now I almost said just go hang out with your friends when they are drunk but…if you have drunk friends you thought of, you shouldn’t be starting a family. So I changed it to bar, parents have drinks too! Some of the ways a toddler is similar to a drunk person include: no personal boundaries, falling over a lot, poor decision making skills, etc. It’s a pretty funny list. They also have ways to tell if you’re raising a diva and how having children is like living in a frat house. This site isn’t all comedy though. There are some personal stories about postpartum illness as well as recipes and saving money tips. I find it a good read, maybe you will too. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s been a busy week before the holiday weekend and I’ll be out of town. Next week will be back to normal. Have a safe weekend!   ~Dutch


The Best Thing You’ll See Today

575485_10201313619584197_37920749_nWe all know that cats dominate the internet. Recently while I was at one of my favorite local watering holes, I noticed a change in the artwork on the walls. In place of where there are normally over priced artsy paintings from local artists for sale, was instead large prints of Cats in Outer Space. I couldn’t have been happier to see the confused faces of the local hipsters. Well after a week hiatus at the beach this past Memorial Day weekend, I did some light internet stalking and found the artist responsible for making me smile. Her name is Mandy Stoller and she runs Funky Catsterz. Stoller isn’t too far from my home town and has been based out of Nashville, TN since 2007. Currently, she is working with cats and Furbys (yes Furbys), but I’m sure if you asked nicely she’d put your dog in outer space with rainbow lasers and a David Bowie lighting bolt on it’s face. You can buy her stuff online, or like me, locally at a bar hanging on the wall. Want to collaborate with her? Follow her on Facebook and get in on some performance art, or that weird cat video you’ve been wanting to make where your cat DJ’s a house party while your friends all drink milk… ~cw

NFL Player Problems

It is perfectly acceptable to mix up your kids’ names when you are trying to get their attention, especially if you have a few. I have a big family and am used to being called the wrong one. I did find it strange that I was always confused with just one sister though. We didn’t look much alike and are eight years apart. But all my siblings are from the same two parents and if you sat my parents down, they could definitely come up with all our names. Maybe even our ages too, or close to it. That brings me to today’s video. Antonio Cromartie plays for the New York Jets and this video circulated a few years ago that will have you shaking your head in disbelief. He struggles to remember his kids’ names and ages and from what it sounds like, all of them were 3 years old. Pretty sad Cromartie! What’s even worse is after this video went around, he had 4 more kids! Which brings his total to 12 kids from 8 different women.  Really, Cromartie?? I’m shaking my head at you.   ~Dutch

Twenty Years of a Free & Open Web

Today is the twentieth anniversary of the World Wide Web, and without this royalty free piece of software you wouldn’t be able to read this post today; at least not the way we have become accustomed to looking at the web. On April 30th 1993, CERN (yes that CERN) published a document allowing others to use the technology freely so that others could setup, and use web servers across the globe, therefore creating the communication platform we use today to look at everything from cat videos to recipes to MIT lectures to more cat videos. Thankfully, Al Gore didn’t invent the world wide web. I don’t think I or anyone else would want to live in that Inconvenient world. It was actually British physicist Tim Berners-Lee who is credited with the first website, which today has a tribute to the anniversary of probably one of the greatest communication inventions to date. At that time, the internet was already being used for corporate and government communication and had a large set of standards for communicating between other connected computers. What the W3 did was allow anyone to post and easily view this information in a way that was relatively easy. By late 1993, there were an estimated 500 web servers already online. Twenty years later and there are over 630 million websites and billions of pages. In 2012, we added 51 million new websites, including this one! Want all the nerd-a-licious facts and numbers? Check them out here. ~cw4ll


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The Mind of a Chef

One of my favorite chefs, author, TV host and narrator Anthony Bourdain is producing a new traveling food/chef show on PBS. “The Mind of a Chef” premiers tonight, it features renowned chef David Chang, who’s cooking and restaurants are famous in their own right. The show is going to combine travel, cooking, history, science and humor. One clip I found (check it after the break) features one of my favorite comedians Aziz Ansari riffing on being mistaken for another Indian comedian while enjoying a fried bologna sandwich in Canada. Don’t tell me PBS can’t make good TV! I know, it’s Friday, you’d rather be out at an actual restaurant then watching a chef eat on PBS, so set your DVR’s, this one looks like it’s worth a watch.

Tonight I’ll be going out for dinner and drinks with some friends and I’m going to live blog/tweet the night. Tune in on Twitter. Please! In case you forgot here is a link to our twitter page this should be fun. ~cwall Continue reading


October Leaves

Continuing on Dutch’s love of Instagram.

My social media drug of choice is also Instagram. It skips all the boring negativity of Facebook and cuts straight to the sweet meat of it with a never ending series of awkward photos of your friends and celebrities you stalk. Cats, bad outfit choices, shameless profile pictures, sunsets, food. Did I mention cats? There is a great tumblr site called Rich Cats of Instagram or #RCOI. Who doesn’t want to see a cat with a bunch of cash and a handgun, or a cat wearing jewelry worth more than my house? RCOI is a spin off of Rich Kids of Instagram or #RKOI, here you’ll find a feed of kids eating Cap’n Crunch on their private jet or playing in their backyard Olympic size swimming pool.

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Leons Full Service

While I was looking through the slide show of the current top 50 bars in the U.S., not so surprisingly I had been to one of them. Living in Knoxville doesn’t always lend itself to superior watering holes, however it is getting better. The one I had been to was The Patterson House in Nashville, a cool little speakeasy that’s well hidden. More about Knoxville, and The Patterson House some other time.

There were a couple on the list though in Atlanta, so I  decided to check another establishment off the list of places I’ve been. This past weekend I made my way to Leon’s Full Service just outside of Atlanta in Decatur. They don’t take reservations, however on a Saturday night the wait was only about 20 minutes.

The bar is first come first serve and it was packed. We did manage to find a couple empty stools while we waited for our table. I ordered a couple of the evening’s special cocktail, a mix of bourbon, citrus and absinthe.  It was good however the absinthe gave the bourbon too much of a Sazerac type flavor.

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It’s Friday, Go Have a Drink!

It’s not 5 yet but you should still ditch work early and head out and support your local bartender! They work hard for their money, tip accordingly. Need somewhere new to go? Check out Food & Wine’s list of the Top 50 Bars in America, there has to be at least one close by. Order something you wouldn’t normally order, like an Old Fashioned, one of my personal favorites. Drink responsibly! Take a cab! Leave your kids at home!

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