The Whole 30

30I’ve learned a lot from Salted Paleo. We have referred people to this site before and I hope you have checked it out. I would love to be able to eat clean full-time. I feel so great when I do and feel so bad when I eat things that disagree with my body. Our friend Jadah that runs Salted Paleo told me about the Whole 30 and I had to investigate. Jadah has tons of awesome recipes on her site as it is but I was able to find the program, shopping lists, and recipes here. It’s 30 days of clean eating to give your body a break. I only started today and it’s been pretty nice so far (I always say that the first few days). I hate when people tell you to lay off fruit because of the sugar and on the Whole 30, you can eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. So why don’t I eat better year-round? Two reasons: I love Mexican food and I always tell myself I can’t afford all that healthy food! The website addresses the cost of eating healthier too. But isn’t it better to shell out a little bit more when it comes to your body? I’d say so. Let’s see if I can make it 30 days though. You can find more about the 30 day program here. Try it with me!   ~Dutch