Smeared Black Ink

If The Postal Service didn’t give you goose bumps when they released their Give Up album in 2003, than we can’t be friends. Dutch probably has some beef with Ben Gibbard after he divorced Zooey Deschanel last year. I’m just stoked to see that they are touring again this year! Unfortunately they aren’t coming anywhere close to me, and most of the shows are already sold out. Here’s to hoping they add some more dates in the future. If you happen to be in any of these places maybe you can catch some tickets on craigslist or sell your soul to the devil for a pair of passes. In the meantime you should spend the next fifteen minutes watching this mini documentary on the band entitled Some Idealistic Future. ~cw4ll

P.S. After too long of a hiatus I’ll be back to adding my voice to the blog, hopefully my brain can decompress some of my new adventures into text on a page.


One tiny hand, don’t ask questions

The Chive never lets us down! Try to look at these little hands without dying laughing. Happy Friday!  ~Dutch

When the World is Your Canvas

frogWhat a busy week! Happy it’s finally Friday. Something that I am really into these days is street art. From cool graffiti to sidewalk chalk masterpieces, it’s all pretty awesome. 3D sidewalk murals are amazing, go here to see some that will really blow your mind. Also, over at street art utopia, they have a list each year of great pieces. I’ve been scrolling through today and realizing how completely not talented I am. That’s ok, I can cook some great Mexican food. Everyone has their own niche. Happy Friday peeps!   ~Dutch

In Sweet Potato News…

beansOnce upon a time, we would talk about food on this blog. There are so many food blogs out there though so we try not to make it a regular thing. However, readers love recipes! So today, I’m sharing my new love of sweet potatoes. While some have shied away from them because of the whole Atkin’s phase/carbs are the devil, these little guys are a good source of vitamins B, C, fiber, iron and magnesium.  I’m not a big french fry person but I do love sweet potato fries. Other than that, I had never had them. Sweet potato pie just sounds so wrong. Actually, I hate all the desserts associated with holidays. But I aim to try new recipes regularly, all from my Pinterest boards, and love when I find a new one that’s equally fast and delicious. That would be these black bean & sweet potato flautas from They take less than half an hour to prepare and cook and are pretty much amazing to eat. I used Daiya cheese in mine so I was able to accommodate my dairy-free and meat-free friends. You could try these sweet potato fries or crisps too. I’ve sliced them up, added some spices and a little olive oil to bake my own chips as well. Share your ideas if you have some good tips. Happy Friday world!   ~Dutch

The Challenge: Rivals 2

worldThis girl loves a good competition so I have to say I am pretty excited to hear that MTV is bringing back The Challenge: Rivals. Real World and Road Rules got way too crazy for me to keep up with so I haven’t watched in years. The Challenge brings back people from those seasons and has them compete in crazy conditions with everyone living together. Sometimes the house is amazing and they get to live it up in luxury. But sometimes they’ve had to live in an open-air home on an island and are rationed out food that they inevitably all fight for. The way these people act, you don’t want anyone to win (this season is a $350,000 prize) but it’s great to watch them attempt insane challenges I could never have come up with myself. This season the theme is Rivals for the second time so when the players arrive, they find out they have to be on teams of two, each with the person they hated most from past shows. This is almost as good as when they did Battle of the Exes. On the last episode of Rivals 1, one of the players got a cramp on the way up a mountain and his (smaller) teammate (who he hates for hooking up with his fiancé on their season) ended up having to carry him to the end. They didn’t win either. But that’s good stuff! Rivals 2 is filming in Thailand and premieres July 10th. See the cast here.    ~Dutch

Home is What The Shirt Says

home tIt’s a holiday weekend and Cwall and I have big plans. He’s down here in Destin and we basically are planning to do whatever we want…or nothing at all. But we will be in the sun, on the beach, relaxing with drink in hand. But before that all gets started (for me, I mean. Cwall has been in party mode all week), here’s a short post about something I’m loving right now.

I am obsessed with Keiko Lynn and pretty much wish I was her. But besides that (that’s her in the pic), The Home T has these great shirts custom for your home state. Very simple but a great idea! And all the reviews say it’s the softest shirt EVER. They also have totes to order now and a portion of proceeds help raise money for multiple sclerosis research. Win – Win! Have a safe weekend!  ~Dutch

Yoga Problems

puppyI don’t go to many exercise classes mostly because I always get embarrassed. It’s easy to think you have great coordination until you see yourself in wall to wall mirrors. What makes it worse is when the instructor calls attention to how dumb you look. Yoga and Pilates are the worst. They always look right at me and say “If you’re struggling, try this other move…” Well, that might sound nice but in a pilates class, there are only professionals. So when I go, I’m always the one struggling and when they say something like that, it’s like another language and the whole class looks over at you like “oh YOU are the one who can’t do it!” And when you fall and start laughing the teacher comes over and says, “People come here to meditate so laughing is inappropriate.” Um…where am I again? So I wish I could go to classes and just record what the teachers say. Zumba is good because they don’t talk. But then there’s the dancing….well, this is another reason to just embrace being out of shape! I found this list from The Hairpin of “10 things my yoga instructor said that almost made me quit yoga” which got me started on today’s rant. The best one is: “You hear the ice cream truck outside, acknowledge it, then let it go.” Happy Friday y’all!  ~Dutch

More Reasons Some People Shouldn’t Have Kids (or Facebook)

kidsI have a confession to make: the site Mommyish is bookmarked and I read it regularly. No, I’m not a mom and probably would be scared to read it if I was a mom but whatever, I like it for now. There’s one contributor that talks about things you can’t believe parents are saying and let’s just say if my eyes could roll any farther back in my head, I might pass out. One post was actual Facebook statuses that started with something about the Boston bombing but ended about their kids like “Pray for Boston! And baby peed in the toilet tonight!” Another post is parents freaking out about people stealing their baby names (something I’d totally do but not online). Parents who sound like idiots: “Won beer pong four times in a row, while breastfeeding! I rock!” And parents posting their “special” baby names like Coventree, Elim Romulus, Oaklyn & Bronson…YIKES. So I started reading one blog like this and kept reading all the related posts and…now my day is almost over! Happy Friday world. ~Dutch

Filming in Progress

It’s the first Friday in May and if you live in East Tennessee you know that First Fridays are a good day to enjoy free wine, free art and free music. Today is a bit different though, I’m “working”, if you can even call it that. My friends local band the KVillians are playing a show tonight at the Jackson Avenue Market in the Old City of Downtown Knoxville, and I’ll be filming the show for a project I’m working on. You most likely won’t get famous being in one of my videos but you will end up on YouTube. The show is free tonight at the market, so if you’re in the area come check out the KVillians, and stick your face in my camera! Check the video below for their single “Unfinished Business” ~cw4ll

Wish I Was Here

wishiwashereThis past Wednesday Zach Braff started a Kickstarter for his new movie, “Wish I Was Here.” If you’re a fan of his you know that Garden State was a fantastic coming of age film about a man in his twenties discovering new life, and you also know that for a relatively low budget it was a huge success. Wish I Was Here, written, directed and staring Braff is a similar film about a man in his 30’s that is into Cosplay and is still trying to find his identity. Think “third-of-a-life-crisis.”  Braff could have gone the Hollywood route and secured backing from the big guys but all of them wanted “final cut.” Being internet savvy and following in the footsteps of up and coming actors, directors, comedians and musicians, Braff turned to Kickstarter. The goal is two million in thirty days so he can start filming in the fall, two million sounds like a lot, but in movie terms, it’s nothing, and allowing Braff complete creative control is well worth the cost. Two million on Kickstarter? That sounds crazy for a website that has been helping musicians and designers bring their ideas to life. Thankfully Braff clearly has some loyal fans, in the past three days the film has already raised 1.8 million dollars. Three days! That leaves 27 days to come up with the other quarter mill, easily doable, which means that he’ll probably get much more pledged, which just means more goodness (and leg touching) for you and me when the film hits theaters. Enough about what I think, check the video below and let Zach explain it to you, even if you don’t pledge, the video and the Kickstarter page is worth a look. ~cw4ll