The Whole 30

30I’ve learned a lot from Salted Paleo. We have referred people to this site before and I hope you have checked it out. I would love to be able to eat clean full-time. I feel so great when I do and feel so bad when I eat things that disagree with my body. Our friend Jadah that runs Salted Paleo told me about the Whole 30 and I had to investigate. Jadah has tons of awesome recipes on her site as it is but I was able to find the program, shopping lists, and recipes here. It’s 30 days of clean eating to give your body a break. I only started today and it’s been pretty nice so far (I always say that the first few days). I hate when people tell you to lay off fruit because of the sugar and on the Whole 30, you can eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. So why don’t I eat better year-round? Two reasons: I love Mexican food and I always tell myself I can’t afford all that healthy food! The website addresses the cost of eating healthier too. But isn’t it better to shell out a little bit more when it comes to your body? I’d say so. Let’s see if I can make it 30 days though. You can find more about the 30 day program here. Try it with me!   ~Dutch


Foods You Should Never Eat

berriesWe hear a lot about things we should take out of our diet. Some are common knowledge, like fish has high levels of mercury and sugar substitutes are linked to cancer and weight gain. But MSN had this list which included some things that were surprising to me. A lot of us already try to buy organic produce but did you know how bad non-organic strawberries are? I didn’t. They aren’t my favorite fruit but I do add them to my morning smoothies. Corn and canned tomatoes also had surprising harmful effects. Looks like we need to do a lot more research on what we put in our body. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? Read the rest of the list here.   ~Dutch

In Sweet Potato News…

beansOnce upon a time, we would talk about food on this blog. There are so many food blogs out there though so we try not to make it a regular thing. However, readers love recipes! So today, I’m sharing my new love of sweet potatoes. While some have shied away from them because of the whole Atkin’s phase/carbs are the devil, these little guys are a good source of vitamins B, C, fiber, iron and magnesium.  I’m not a big french fry person but I do love sweet potato fries. Other than that, I had never had them. Sweet potato pie just sounds so wrong. Actually, I hate all the desserts associated with holidays. But I aim to try new recipes regularly, all from my Pinterest boards, and love when I find a new one that’s equally fast and delicious. That would be these black bean & sweet potato flautas from They take less than half an hour to prepare and cook and are pretty much amazing to eat. I used Daiya cheese in mine so I was able to accommodate my dairy-free and meat-free friends. You could try these sweet potato fries or crisps too. I’ve sliced them up, added some spices and a little olive oil to bake my own chips as well. Share your ideas if you have some good tips. Happy Friday world!   ~Dutch

Get Drunk Not Fat

*The DisasterJuice team doesn’t endorse over drinking, it’s just the name of this info graphic. If you’re going to drink, do so in moderation.*

Now here’s a graphic that gives you a quick breakdown of calories versus alcohol. If you’re dieting or trying to eat better this graphic is a quick reminder of how to order at the bar to maximize your booze intake and minimize your calories. This list will help you keep your friends and avoid that awkward conversation of why you aren’t drinking. ~cw4ll

Things You Can Cook in a Mug

cookieRemember those nights when you were watching TV after dinner and couldn’t stop thinking about how you REALLY wanted a brownie? Those nights are over. I see a lot of the “mug recipes” on Pinterest and have tried a few myself. It’s so convenient! You most likely have all the ingredients already, throw them in a mug and start the microwave. Seconds later, your dessert! And you don’t have to hate yourself afterwards…unless you made lots of mug brownies and put ice cream on top…which I’ve never done. I also tried the cookie in a mug, equally amazing. Before I could go through my Pinterest boards and get all the links together for this post, I saw that Buzzfeed had a list and they have some I haven’t seen! Like French toast, cinnamon roll, and coffee cake. Can’t wait to try these! Here is the recipe for the brownie I made and see a list of more recipes here.  Happy Friday!   ~Dutch

Change your Metabolism!

runWe all know when it comes to losing weight, it starts in the kitchen. If you work out like a mad man but eat and drink whatever you want, you won’t get the results you want. There was a good article on Yahoo from Runner’s World recently about habits to get you fit for summer. One great tip is planning and making meals ahead of time. If you have that ready, you won’t resort to running through a drive-thru or grabbing a high calorie snack on the go. Keep something healthy around for emergencies. If you don’t know where you are going wrong with your diet, try keeping a food log for a couple days to see where you need to improve. The most important tip is to eat regularly, not skipping meals to save up calories. Health advice seems to change all the time but this is one thing that many can agree on. Have three healthy meals a day and two snacks in between. Eating more often keeps your metabolism going. Read the rest of the tips here. Taking care of yourself requires discipline but your body only has one home so it’s worth it!    ~Dutch

Brooklyn Brew Shop

kit-everyday-ipa_5Thinking about brewing up some tasty adult beverages, but you don’t like the idea of turning your garage into a brewery? Brooklyn Brew Shop has got you covered. They initially started up for home brewers in NYC that didn’t have room for the traditional 5 gallon kits readily available on every other brewing site. They scaled down the recipes, the equipment needed and came up with a 1 gallon kit that takes up less than one square foot of space underneath your sink or in a closest. Forty bucks gets you the basic kit and mashing ingredients for your preferred brew. They sell a few accessories but the idea is that you should already have most of the needed pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets already. You can pick up additional flavors from BBS for fifteen bucks, with flavors changing seasonally. They give you everything you need to make almost a twelve pack in a neatly packed box that fits under your sink. Want more? They give you downloadable instructions, and have a bunch of well produced videos if you need help. You still want more? Fine! Check out their blog for more recipes, and even ways to use your spent grains other than feeding them to your pet goat. I really shouldn’t even tell you, but they also have a club, you join, they send you new recipes every couple months before they hit the shelves. Stop reading and start ordering we could be drinking by now already! Look for some DisasterJuice brew in the near future! ~cw4ll

Start Small and Prioritize!

healthyI feel ashamed to write a motivation post when I am really out of shape. Lately, when I am not at work I am sleeping. So even when I have a great routine and work out hard, when you take a week or more off, it’s really hard to get back into it. Life Hacker had this great article with 7 tips for making nutrition and fitness greater priorities. When you take care of yourself and are careful with what you put in your body, your whole life benefits. A healthier diet and active lifestyle stimulate brain power and productivity. So start small and make some easy changes to get going. The article also mentions the 80/20 rule. If you are eating well and exercising regularly (80%), you can be more flexible with the other 20% of your meals. It also confirmed my indecisiveness regarding kettle bells. I’m going to buy a couple this week and incorporate them in my home routine. Check out the other tips and prioritize your life!    ~Dutch

Where You Can Find Us

Cwall has talked about our love of the Emerald Coast before. Now that it has warmed up, our Fridays through Sundays will be spent at Pompano Joe’s in Destin, Florida. Cwall isn’t with us every weekend but he is down here pretty often. So much that I guess he deserved to be in their Travel Channel debut. Hanging out with my husband and other friends, they just happened to be down at the beach restaurant when the video was being filmed. We go to PJ’s for great drinks, delicious Caribbean food, volleyball, and sun. If you check it out when you are in town, try their Reggae Rolls and PJ’s Punch. And watch the Travel Channel video here! ~Dutch

Bacon – A Love Affair

BaconIt’s no secret that I love bacon. So today’s post is an ode to bacon. It’s not just a side to eggs and toast, it’s the main event. In recent years, man’s obsession with this wondrous pork product has been growing increasingly, currently there is even a TV show devoted to the stuff. Chicago has a Baconfest that has grown to Washington DC and San Francisco with over 3000 in attendance with more cities on the way. I think it was back in 2010 when my home town jumped on the bacon bandwagon, and the city I call home now has an annual local Baconfest every fall. It makes since that Knoxville has a growing “bacon scene.” Just down the road in Madisonville, Tennessee you’ll find some of the worlds best bacon – Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams has been cranking out top quality pig products since 1947. There’s a good chance that a local restaurant near you with an affinity for pork, already knows about Benton’s. If you haven’t had the opportunity to taste Benton’s Bacon, I suggest you log on to their website and order up a pound or two, they’ll ship anywhere! What’s bacon without a biscuit though? Knoxville is also home to the International Biscuit Festival, but more about that in another post. Now for a date with bacon from the guys at Epic Meal Time.