The Photoshop Blues

cruzPhotoshop is an amazing program. When it comes to making ourselves look better, we love it! The downside is when you look through a magazine and get depressed about how everyone in the world looks so much better than you. Do you ever flip pages and find yourself saying, “Didn’t she just have a baby?? Aren’t they 10 years older than me??” Well guess what? It’s all Photoshop! So that actress in her 40’s DOES have way more wrinkles than you and everyone has fly-aways on their head and most women DO have cellulite somewhere. I love this blog about before and after edited pics. You’ll feel a lot better when you see how much work goes into making people look flawless. Take it from me, you are way better than that false perception you have. You know why? Because you are real!   ~Dutch


Health + Fitness

whLate post today! Cwall and I have a case of the Mondays so you readers will have to take what you can get. First off, Women’s Health magazine has been my favorite for years and years. I love the tips, recipes, real life stories, etc. A subscription is pretty cheap but these days I have it come right into my Tablet for under $2 an issue. So I read it regularly but never thought to share that until today. Check out your favorite fitness magazines and see if you can get digital issues.

Also, I came across this blog called The Haute Bunny and this girl has great routines to try. She hasn’t been blogging for much longer than we have and she has WAY more followers. Go to her site and see why. I have a few of her workouts saved that I have been doing and they leave me pretty sore. She has specific target areas as well as a 4 week challenge and Beach Body workout. She also features fashion and beauty on her blog. Go to her site and see how you can change up your own routine.   ~Dutch

Get Drunk Not Fat

*The DisasterJuice team doesn’t endorse over drinking, it’s just the name of this info graphic. If you’re going to drink, do so in moderation.*

Now here’s a graphic that gives you a quick breakdown of calories versus alcohol. If you’re dieting or trying to eat better this graphic is a quick reminder of how to order at the bar to maximize your booze intake and minimize your calories. This list will help you keep your friends and avoid that awkward conversation of why you aren’t drinking. ~cw4ll

That First 5K

runBeing the active person that I am, one might assume I was prepared for my first 5K. That person would be wrong. In fact, from the moment I signed up for my first race, my workout routine seemed to have gotten less and less regular. Of course, life happens and I had friends and family to tend to in recent months but I really wish I had not neglected my routine. Did I make it to the finish line? Yes. Was I the weakest link on my team of four? Sadly, yes. If this was an all-running 5K, I wouldn’t have signed up since running is not my thing. But this was a mud run and included many obstacles such as climbing hay bales, ropes, hurdles, etc. Since all of my workouts are done in the comfort of an air-conditioned room, my advice to my future self would be to practice running outside…in the woods…in the sun…and maybe with shorts full of mud. Heat is not my friend. Everyone I know is signing up for races from Mud Run to Color Run to Glow in the Dark runs. Find one near you and challenge yourself! Although I apparently wasn’t motivated to get in perfect shape for this race, my performance definitely shamed me into getting in better shape now. Mud Runners for 2014: watch out!   ~Dutch

Yoga Problems

puppyI don’t go to many exercise classes mostly because I always get embarrassed. It’s easy to think you have great coordination until you see yourself in wall to wall mirrors. What makes it worse is when the instructor calls attention to how dumb you look. Yoga and Pilates are the worst. They always look right at me and say “If you’re struggling, try this other move…” Well, that might sound nice but in a pilates class, there are only professionals. So when I go, I’m always the one struggling and when they say something like that, it’s like another language and the whole class looks over at you like “oh YOU are the one who can’t do it!” And when you fall and start laughing the teacher comes over and says, “People come here to meditate so laughing is inappropriate.” Um…where am I again? So I wish I could go to classes and just record what the teachers say. Zumba is good because they don’t talk. But then there’s the dancing….well, this is another reason to just embrace being out of shape! I found this list from The Hairpin of “10 things my yoga instructor said that almost made me quit yoga” which got me started on today’s rant. The best one is: “You hear the ice cream truck outside, acknowledge it, then let it go.” Happy Friday y’all!  ~Dutch

Change your Metabolism!

runWe all know when it comes to losing weight, it starts in the kitchen. If you work out like a mad man but eat and drink whatever you want, you won’t get the results you want. There was a good article on Yahoo from Runner’s World recently about habits to get you fit for summer. One great tip is planning and making meals ahead of time. If you have that ready, you won’t resort to running through a drive-thru or grabbing a high calorie snack on the go. Keep something healthy around for emergencies. If you don’t know where you are going wrong with your diet, try keeping a food log for a couple days to see where you need to improve. The most important tip is to eat regularly, not skipping meals to save up calories. Health advice seems to change all the time but this is one thing that many can agree on. Have three healthy meals a day and two snacks in between. Eating more often keeps your metabolism going. Read the rest of the tips here. Taking care of yourself requires discipline but your body only has one home so it’s worth it!    ~Dutch

Start Small and Prioritize!

healthyI feel ashamed to write a motivation post when I am really out of shape. Lately, when I am not at work I am sleeping. So even when I have a great routine and work out hard, when you take a week or more off, it’s really hard to get back into it. Life Hacker had this great article with 7 tips for making nutrition and fitness greater priorities. When you take care of yourself and are careful with what you put in your body, your whole life benefits. A healthier diet and active lifestyle stimulate brain power and productivity. So start small and make some easy changes to get going. The article also mentions the 80/20 rule. If you are eating well and exercising regularly (80%), you can be more flexible with the other 20% of your meals. It also confirmed my indecisiveness regarding kettle bells. I’m going to buy a couple this week and incorporate them in my home routine. Check out the other tips and prioritize your life!    ~Dutch

Kids That Are Stronger Than You

Here’s some motivation: Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe, ages 7 and 5 in the video, are from Galati, Romania. Chances are, they are stronger than you. They have been weight lifting since age 2! I can’t do many regular push-ups and Giuliano has been in the Guinness Book of World Records for his “air push-ups”. And I’m always impressed when someone can do the human flag.  I’m sure a lot of people disagree with the parenting here but they look like happy kids. I wish my parents made me exercise when I was a kid! My school years would have been a lot less embarrassing. Watch the video below and have your mind blown.    ~Dutch

Nike Training Club

ntcNike Training Club is a great app to have for workouts. It has over 100 workouts with detailed step by step instructions and video demonstrations. A Nike professional trainer guides you through each step. You choose a custom routine and when you are finished, you can review a summary of your training and share your results with others if you want. You can also store up Nike rewards from your workouts and use those to unlock goals through the app. I love that you can choose your own playlist from your phone or tablet to work out to. Last week, I chose the “Get Lean” advanced routine for 30 minutes. I was sore for days. The jump squats and plank row-to-rotation killed me. It reminded me a little of Tabata since you only do each thing for 1 to 2 minutes. So download the free app and start getting in shape for summer!   ~Dutch

Quit Jogging, Start Sprinting

Interval training is nothing new, and is something I try to practice while cycling to increase muscle strength. Today I found a good post on and I followed the rabbit hole to the even better article on The Sydney Morning Herald. Researchers found that brief intervals of high intensity training followed by a slightly longer cool down period, and than repeated, burn the same or more fat than someone who only exercised moderately for an extended time. This was due to the release of a chemical – catecholamines – that helps use fat storage for energy. It’s not for everyone, and the article is pretty boring to read, (science and whatnot), but check it out anyway. Everyone has at least few seconds to get their heart pumping. ~cwall