James Franco Roasted

francoWho didn’t love the short lived TV show Freaks and Geeks? James Franco played the good looking stoner and he made high school burnouts look pretty hot. These days he seems to interchange really impressive work with other projects that have everyone rolling their eyes. He made a perfect James Dean, cracked us up in Pineapple Express, and got serious in 127 Hours. But then he co-hosted the Academy Awards and bombed, got into “art”, started a band called Daddy, and played that corn-rowed, gold-grilled rapper in Spring Breakers. So you could say there’s a lot of material for him to be roasted, right? That is exactly why I have to watch his Roast on Comedy Central. I’ve only watched two before and cringed the whole time. I had to watch the Donald Trump episode because he’s the WORST and Steve-O was on the panel, then I watched Charlie Sheen’s because everyone wanted to know what he had to say after that whole troll/tiger blood phase. Now I have to watch again to see how bad James Franco, the face of Gucci, gets it. I’m guessing it will be a lot about his recent time at UCLA or his art endeavors. Whatever it is, I’ll be tuning in. The Roast of James Franco is September 2nd on Comedy Central, set your DVR!   ~Dutch


American Hustle Trailer

I don’t know if it’s the Led Zeppelin song or the shear number of great actors and bad hair that makes me want to see this movie. This is David O. Russell’s follow up to Silver Linings Playbook, so you know it’s got to be good! Let’s hope he can keep the magic rolling in this movie based on the FBI’s ABSCAM back in the seventies and early eighties. Enjoy! ~cw4ll

The Photoshop Blues

cruzPhotoshop is an amazing program. When it comes to making ourselves look better, we love it! The downside is when you look through a magazine and get depressed about how everyone in the world looks so much better than you. Do you ever flip pages and find yourself saying, “Didn’t she just have a baby?? Aren’t they 10 years older than me??” Well guess what? It’s all Photoshop! So that actress in her 40’s DOES have way more wrinkles than you and everyone has fly-aways on their head and most women DO have cellulite somewhere. I love this blog about before and after edited pics. You’ll feel a lot better when you see how much work goes into making people look flawless. Take it from me, you are way better than that false perception you have. You know why? Because you are real!   ~Dutch

Anchorman – The Legend Continues

7 months to go. That’s how much longer we have to wait for Anchorman 2 to hit theaters in December. A friend of mine got to be an extra in the film last month in Atlanta and said that Will Ferrell is amazing as always. The first Anchorman came out in 2004 and is a classic comedy. There are endless quotes from the movie still heard on a regular basis now. I’m really excited about the sequel and was glad to hear the original cast is back. Along with favorites like Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, and Christina Applegate, there will be cameos by Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig. I know this is an early post and I really can’t imagine the second movie to be as funny as the first but either way, this is kind of a big deal.   ~Dutch

Filming in Progress

It’s the first Friday in May and if you live in East Tennessee you know that First Fridays are a good day to enjoy free wine, free art and free music. Today is a bit different though, I’m “working”, if you can even call it that. My friends local band the KVillians are playing a show tonight at the Jackson Avenue Market in the Old City of Downtown Knoxville, and I’ll be filming the show for a project I’m working on. You most likely won’t get famous being in one of my videos but you will end up on YouTube. The show is free tonight at the market, so if you’re in the area come check out the KVillians, and stick your face in my camera! Check the video below for their single “Unfinished Business” ~cw4ll

Wish I Was Here

wishiwashereThis past Wednesday Zach Braff started a Kickstarter for his new movie, “Wish I Was Here.” If you’re a fan of his you know that Garden State was a fantastic coming of age film about a man in his twenties discovering new life, and you also know that for a relatively low budget it was a huge success. Wish I Was Here, written, directed and staring Braff is a similar film about a man in his 30’s that is into Cosplay and is still trying to find his identity. Think “third-of-a-life-crisis.”  Braff could have gone the Hollywood route and secured backing from the big guys but all of them wanted “final cut.” Being internet savvy and following in the footsteps of up and coming actors, directors, comedians and musicians, Braff turned to Kickstarter. The goal is two million in thirty days so he can start filming in the fall, two million sounds like a lot, but in movie terms, it’s nothing, and allowing Braff complete creative control is well worth the cost. Two million on Kickstarter? That sounds crazy for a website that has been helping musicians and designers bring their ideas to life. Thankfully Braff clearly has some loyal fans, in the past three days the film has already raised 1.8 million dollars. Three days! That leaves 27 days to come up with the other quarter mill, easily doable, which means that he’ll probably get much more pledged, which just means more goodness (and leg touching) for you and me when the film hits theaters. Enough about what I think, check the video below and let Zach explain it to you, even if you don’t pledge, the video and the Kickstarter page is worth a look. ~cw4ll

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the classic novel The Great Gatsby almost 90 years ago. I read it as a teenager and really hadn’t thought about it since. But now the movie is coming out and I decided to prep myself for it. Who better to direct the movie but Baz Luhrmann? The incredible talent behind Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire among many others. A Midwesterner war veteran, Nick Carraway (Maguire) is lured into the lavish world of his millionaire neighbor Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). The story is full of romance, betrayal, murder, and twists. The movie will hit theatres May 10 and I will definitely be there.    ~Dutch