Thrift Store Runway

It’s no secret I love thrift stores. There’s a Goodwill right by my house and I’m just recently in the habit of checking it regularly. They have a great book selection and lately have a lot of new clothes from Target. Since Target is about 30 minutes from my house, this works out perfectly for me. And of course, I find plenty of vintage gems. Well, I just now heard about and wish I had heard of it sooner. Basically, people send in photos of their thrift store outfits and vote on the best ones for cash prizes. In January, there was a contest with the grand prize $100 to your favorite thrift store! Music to my ear holes. This girl is going to have to step it up so I can win something. And don’t forget our older post about how to find stores where you live and when you travel.   ~Dutch


Home is What The Shirt Says

home tIt’s a holiday weekend and Cwall and I have big plans. He’s down here in Destin and we basically are planning to do whatever we want…or nothing at all. But we will be in the sun, on the beach, relaxing with drink in hand. But before that all gets started (for me, I mean. Cwall has been in party mode all week), here’s a short post about something I’m loving right now.

I am obsessed with Keiko Lynn and pretty much wish I was her. But besides that (that’s her in the pic), The Home T has these great shirts custom for your home state. Very simple but a great idea! And all the reviews say it’s the softest shirt EVER. They also have totes to order now and a portion of proceeds help raise money for multiple sclerosis research. Win – Win! Have a safe weekend!  ~Dutch

Sites For Sore Eyes

catSee what I did there? When we first launched this site, I had a short post about where I get my glasses for cheap. is one of my usual sites because they have great deals and offer a wide selection of frames. At Coastal, you always get your first pair free. Right now, they also have a 2-pairs-for-$95 deal. And if you spend over $75, you get a gift certificate to for $100. If you have perfect vision, they have great prices on designer sunglasses as well. Since my eyes have been a literal pain the past two years, I have had to invest in prescription sunglasses. is my go-to site for this. All their lenses come with free scratch protection too, I can appreciate that. As if $39 wasn’t already an amazing price, they are doing 20% off your purchase until May 28th with the code MEM20 at checkout. So throw in all those upgrades and still come out with barely a dent in your wallet. If you know of any other places to check out, let us know!   ~Dutch

Vernal Equinox Style

BREven though it doesn’t feel like Spring outside today, the sun is shining and according to the calendar it’s officially the first day of warmer weather and longer days. I was thinking about telling you why Spring is early this year but it’s really boring so I’m going to leave that up to the guys at to explain. Now back on track, Spring and Fall are my two favorite times for outdoor activities, as the weather is generally perfect, not too hot, not too cold. I do have one problem this year though. Recently while shopping, I noticed that this particular Spring’s clothing choices have gone full on pastel. This is a problem, I feel like the eighties called and they want their clothes back. Okay it’s not that bad but seriously, I think the Easter Bunny puked on all the clothes this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional splash of color, and even seersucker, just not in baby blue. Ask Dutch, I successfully ruined several of her wedding photos due to a khaki seersucker suit that refuses to show up correctly in photographs. Moving on, thankfully some sense still exists with some men’s clothing designers. GQ’s 2013 Trend Report has less pastel and more classics but I’m still not crazy about sea foam green pants. I think the guys who work at (they also run, which we’ve mentioned before) somewhat agree with me on the less than loud color options this season, check out some of their men’s fashion here. Back to work and answering all these calls about the Travel Channel… ~cwall

You Should Be Off Pudding


Totally off topic today, but who cares. I liked Jennifer Lawrence way before that movie where she was hungry the whole time (insert hipster comment here). In fact in Winter’s Bone, (which she almost wasn’t cast in for being “too pretty”) she also played a charter fighting to eat, but she was killing squirrels rather than teenagers.  She’s always hungry I assume. I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. Why would I? I can always catch the best parts on the internet and skip all the Hollywood garbage and commercials. If you don’t like Jennifer Lawrence I am about to change your mind, well I’m at least going to point you to an article on (don’t judge me!). If their post of 11 reasons didn’t totally convince you, then you need to watch the Oscar’s edition of Between Two Ferns, I can only hope she came up with that “Off Pudding” line herself on the fly. You’ll need to google that one though, Funny or Die doesn’t pay me enough to link to their site as of yet. ~cwall

Young. Broke. Fab.

oxThat’s the motto at The Oxford Trunk, which obviously caught my eye. I’m a big fan of minimalist jewelry and they have plenty of it. They also have great scarves, shoes, purses – all under $50! A few things that I’m dying to have are sold out right now (like this cuff), but I’ll just have to buy some other things until more are back. These cute moccasin boots are only $22! They have a nice selection of handmade items available as well. For all you men, I can guarantee the lady in your life would appreciate a thoughtful gift from this site. If you can’t decide on something, browse through the best sellers or gift section. Check out their blog, follow them on Pinterest and Instagram, and make someone very happy with an Oxford Trunk purchase. ~Dutch

Sweatin’ Like the 80’s

That’s right ladies, leg legwarmers are back in! I’m pretty sure men still hate them but who cares? Since I have ridiculously skinny legs, I’ve been wearing them for years anyway. One time this lady told me I would never get married if I kept wearing them. Well guess what? I am married, so take that! These days, there are a lot cuter options out there too. My favorite is the crochet leg warmers with lace at the top. There are quite a few Etsy shops you can buy these at if you don’t find them elsewhere (like here, here, and here). If you want to splurge, you can check out Free People. I usually get mine at the local Rue 21 and Forever 21. You could always make a DIY project and try to crochet some too. I saw some YouTube tutorials on it but I’d rather just pay someone else. We don’t have many fashion posts so I had to go with what I know. Hopefully, cwall doesn’t read this!     ~Dutch

Suit up!

Your dad’s tie that you stole in high school isn’t cutting it anymore, and the one you got for being in your friend’s wedding looks like it should be a woman’s belt. If you wear a suit and tie on a regular basis you probably need to throw out all your old ties and get something fresh. No one wants to see the same thing over and over again. But where can you get awesome “suit-cessories” without breaking the bank at Brooks Brothers? Enter The Tie Bar – their ties are 15 bucks, that’s cheaper than Target! You can get regular width, skinny, extra-long and a variety of bow ties. They have every color and style you can think of in a large selection of different fabrics. They also sell pocket squares for 8 bucks, which is a great deal in comparison to your local men’s clothing store that actually still sells pocket squares at a 400 percent markup. While you are on their site pick up a tie clasp, I prefer the slide variety, but they have a bunch of different colors and sizes for your personal style. If you wanna get fancy with your french cuff shirt, you can pick up some cuff links or dial it down a notch with some silk knots.

If you’re getting married soon you can get a bunch of great matching stuff rather than renting a tie from the mall at that creepy tuxedo shop. Your future wife will thank me! The Tie Bar also sells socks, which is boring. If you need socks, go back to Target or Urban Outfitters. I’m currently waiting on a couple new ties and fresh pocket square. Did I mention they have flat rate shipping for 6 bucks!

Four Eyes

Free glasses, free shipping – you have no excuse to not be a sexy nerd. offers your first pair free, now free shipping, free returns, designer sunglasses starting at $29, and 50% off designer frames. I purchased The Derek Cardigan Frames and The Michael Stars Frames. Both shipped within a week and look great. I recommend paying extra for lens protection but if you don’t, just be careful because they do scratch easily. Why are you still reading this? Go get yours!           ~Dutch

Fashion on a Friday

I wear suits. I wear suits a lot. I love suits. But they are boring! Outside of a nice cut, quality fabrics and a pocket square they are generally pretty bland. Enter A Suit that Fits with Custom Suit Lining. You send them your artwork and they use it for the lining of your suit. Sure, no one really sees it, but you know it’s there and we all know that’s what counts. Now if I can only get them to ship to The States.