Motherhood on the Rocks

toddler are like drunk peopleIf you are thinking about starting a family, maybe you babysit a friend’s kid to see how you do. Or hang out with other parents and see how they act. But did you ever think of preparing yourself by hanging out at a bar? Over at there is a great list of ways taking care of a toddler is like dealing with a drunk person. Now I almost said just go hang out with your friends when they are drunk but…if you have drunk friends you thought of, you shouldn’t be starting a family. So I changed it to bar, parents have drinks too! Some of the ways a toddler is similar to a drunk person include: no personal boundaries, falling over a lot, poor decision making skills, etc. It’s a pretty funny list. They also have ways to tell if you’re raising a diva and how having children is like living in a frat house. This site isn’t all comedy though. There are some personal stories about postpartum illness as well as recipes and saving money tips. I find it a good read, maybe you will too. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s been a busy week before the holiday weekend and I’ll be out of town. Next week will be back to normal. Have a safe weekend!   ~Dutch


Get Drunk Not Fat

*The DisasterJuice team doesn’t endorse over drinking, it’s just the name of this info graphic. If you’re going to drink, do so in moderation.*

Now here’s a graphic that gives you a quick breakdown of calories versus alcohol. If you’re dieting or trying to eat better this graphic is a quick reminder of how to order at the bar to maximize your booze intake and minimize your calories. This list will help you keep your friends and avoid that awkward conversation of why you aren’t drinking. ~cw4ll

Brooklyn Brew Shop

kit-everyday-ipa_5Thinking about brewing up some tasty adult beverages, but you don’t like the idea of turning your garage into a brewery? Brooklyn Brew Shop has got you covered. They initially started up for home brewers in NYC that didn’t have room for the traditional 5 gallon kits readily available on every other brewing site. They scaled down the recipes, the equipment needed and came up with a 1 gallon kit that takes up less than one square foot of space underneath your sink or in a closest. Forty bucks gets you the basic kit and mashing ingredients for your preferred brew. They sell a few accessories but the idea is that you should already have most of the needed pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets already. You can pick up additional flavors from BBS for fifteen bucks, with flavors changing seasonally. They give you everything you need to make almost a twelve pack in a neatly packed box that fits under your sink. Want more? They give you downloadable instructions, and have a bunch of well produced videos if you need help. You still want more? Fine! Check out their blog for more recipes, and even ways to use your spent grains other than feeding them to your pet goat. I really shouldn’t even tell you, but they also have a club, you join, they send you new recipes every couple months before they hit the shelves. Stop reading and start ordering we could be drinking by now already! Look for some DisasterJuice brew in the near future! ~cw4ll

Where You Can Find Us

Cwall has talked about our love of the Emerald Coast before. Now that it has warmed up, our Fridays through Sundays will be spent at Pompano Joe’s in Destin, Florida. Cwall isn’t with us every weekend but he is down here pretty often. So much that I guess he deserved to be in their Travel Channel debut. Hanging out with my husband and other friends, they just happened to be down at the beach restaurant when the video was being filmed. We go to PJ’s for great drinks, delicious Caribbean food, volleyball, and sun. If you check it out when you are in town, try their Reggae Rolls and PJ’s Punch. And watch the Travel Channel video here! ~Dutch

Green Beer Coma

greenbeerIt’s Monday and you probably drank too much green beer over the weekend. Don’t ask me why you made the poor choice to drink natty light with food coloring in it, but if you did, then I have you covered today. Men’s Health has a great article with 11 ways to help ease your throbbing head and that serious case of cotton mouth. Unfortunately, the best cure is prevention, but if you didn’t have the forethought to not order green colored beverages, then this is for you. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that “hair of the dog” is only good if you’re on vacation, if you have to go to work like the rest of us then you need to stick to the other solutions. Want more? has their own list, check it out here. Personally, I prefer sleep and plenty of fluids, and Waffle House… ~cwall

Johnny McTighes – Neighborhood Pub

jmBased on how often Cwall and I are hanging out, one might forget we live in two different states. He has joined us in Destin for the weekend and since it is 45 degrees out right now, we won’t get to spend much time beaching it. One of our favorite places to hang out is a little dive called Johnny McTighes. Many have heard of Highway 30-A and you might drive right past our little hangout without ever noticing it. McTighes is a little Irish pub in a small shopping center right past Adagio condos (where Tyson from All American Rejects lives). They stay open late and you can have some awesome food and drinks while playing darts, air hockey, or ski ball. It’s no secret that my favorite thing to do is the claw machine. I’ll let you know the trick to the machine there: there is no trick. The nice people at McTighes actually have a claw that works and you win every time. Last night, our plan was to get every stuffed animal in there but stopped at 6 when we got all the cute ones. I’ve ordered a little of everything there from pizza to the roast beef po boy to their amazing turkey sandwich. The prices are great and your order comes with a pile of tater tots. They also have a full bar and large draft beer selection. It’s one of the very few places my husband orders a drink and actually says it’s too strong for him. So next time you’re vacationing in Destin, joy riding through Seaside, or dining at the famous Red Bar, stop by McTighes for a night cap. You’ll probably see us there.    ~Dutch

Food With Friends

foodI had a great time this weekend with friends and family, including my brother from another mother, Cwall. Now it’s back to the daily grind and I apologize for the delay in today’s post. After all the food I had this weekend, you might be surprised I’m still thinking about it. But food is always on this girl’s mind. Check out and download the app Food with Friends to have everything you’ll ever need when it comes to recipes. The best thing about this is you get to share recipes and photos with your friends. You might think Pinterest is good enough for this, but do you really think I’ll get Cwall to join Pinterest so I can get his famous cheesecake recipe or Beer Margaritas? Nope, not happening. You can follow celebrity chefs as well and keep up with their menus. I like how you can search a recipe based on one thing you have but also type in ingredients you want to exclude. Then when you find a recipe you like, it lists the ingredients, directions, and nutrition info. But there’s more! You can comment on any recipes and start a “real-time” discussion. So in case you are in the middle of a recipe and need answers asap, start your own discussion! I am always up for trying new food so I will be making meals from this app this week. I’ll let you know how it goes. ~Dutch

NOLA Bound!

nolaEven though I am from New Orleans, I am a total tourist when I go back. I’m heading there today and these are the things I will do just like every time I visit. We will head down to the French Quarter and find Tropical Isle to get their famous Hand Grenades, no matter what time of day it is. Then we’ll go shopping through the French Market and buy lots of things we don’t need just because it’s fun negotiating with the vendors. Last time, I bought a ring that was $45 for $20 and the guy kept saying he wasn’t making any money selling to me. I walked away at least five times and when he finally caved in, he was so angry I thought he was going to punch me. For lunch, I love to go to Café Maspero because they have the best roast beef po boys. The rest of my family disagrees but I love the place and its cozy atmosphere. You can’t go to NOLA without getting beignets at the famous Café Dumonde. The line is always ridiculously long but it’s worth the wait. In between all of this, we check out the street performers and enjoy the art along the sidewalks. New Orleans has something no other place has. If you haven’t been yet, plan a trip! Or come join DisasterJuice this weekend.    ~Dutch

Reward Yourself!

Sometimes the best motivation is a reward. But since we are adults now, your mom isn’t going to give you ice cream when you eat all your veggies. You are probably in a routine where you eat dessert when you want it and if you want to splurge while shopping, you just do it. Here is something I like to try. If there is something I want to bake, I could say if I make it to the gym 4 days this week, I can bake on Saturday. Or if I really want frozen yogurt, I have to do 30 minutes of stair climbing that day. You just have to be committed to the deal. You can get other people in on it too. Like I tell the husband if I say something unnecessarily mean about someone, I have to give him a dollar. Then I can work on being nicer and it’s a total pain since I never have cash. Luckily, he forgets after a few days too. These ideas may sound silly, but it makes you more aware of what you are doing. When I had to cut back on caffeine, I saved $1 every day I went without it which went towards a purchase I really wanted. Eventually, you get used to working out 4 days and not having caffeine. I thought of today’s post because Cwall and I keep talking about cutting back on drinking. I’ll say ok, I won’t drink for a month. But then you go somewhere and you’re the only one without a glass of wine. Not that big of a deal until people are like, “You could have ONE glass.” The pressure! So I’m going to use today’s tip and come up with a reward big enough to help me reach my goal. Share your ideas with us! ~Dutch

Urban Bowling

spare-room-bowling4Normally bowling is the last thing I want to do (next to ice skating). This stems from the fact that I don’t want to wear rented shoes that 9000 other people have worn and stick my hand in a sweaty used bowling ball. That being said, lately I have been reading a lot about new urban bowling lanes. These aren’t your average alleys that your used to, there’s generally fewer lanes, fewer people, and a bit more class. Things that you won’t find at an urban bowling alley include, sarsaparilla, John Goodman, disco balls, underage teenagers, that weird lady at the food counter, and locker rooms. You should find a cool spot to throw a few strikes without smokey league players in the next lane, and a variety of less than frozen/fried foods with a decent bar serving variety of adult beverages and no pitchers of Natty. The New York Times recently wrote an article about the subject, check it out here. Here locally if I wanted to go bowling I generally stay away from the teen night club alleys, there is a nice underground bowling alley on campus that’s super cheap and no one is ever there, you just need to know how to keep your own score, very hipster…

1221_kclo_jcpenney-thumb-550x365-25945On the urban front, one of the run down buildings downtown (formerly the J.C.Penny Company) recently changed hands and is slated to be restored for mixed use, including residential, retail, and you guessed it, an urban bowling alley. Hopefully that happens, I’m all for urban renewal, and supporting locally owned businesses, as long as they serve White Russians! ~cwall