James Franco Roasted

francoWho didn’t love the short lived TV show Freaks and Geeks? James Franco played the good looking stoner and he made high school burnouts look pretty hot. These days he seems to interchange really impressive work with other projects that have everyone rolling their eyes. He made a perfect James Dean, cracked us up in Pineapple Express, and got serious in 127 Hours. But then he co-hosted the Academy Awards and bombed, got into “art”, started a band called Daddy, and played that corn-rowed, gold-grilled rapper in Spring Breakers. So you could say there’s a lot of material for him to be roasted, right? That is exactly why I have to watch his Roast on Comedy Central. I’ve only watched two before and cringed the whole time. I had to watch the Donald Trump episode because he’s the WORST and Steve-O was on the panel, then I watched Charlie Sheen’s because everyone wanted to know what he had to say after that whole troll/tiger blood phase. Now I have to watch again to see how bad James Franco, the face of Gucci, gets it. I’m guessing it will be a lot about his recent time at UCLA or his art endeavors. Whatever it is, I’ll be tuning in. The Roast of James Franco is September 2nd on Comedy Central, set your DVR!   ~Dutch


American Hustle Trailer

I don’t know if it’s the Led Zeppelin song or the shear number of great actors and bad hair that makes me want to see this movie. This is David O. Russell’s follow up to Silver Linings Playbook, so you know it’s got to be good! Let’s hope he can keep the magic rolling in this movie based on the FBI’s ABSCAM back in the seventies and early eighties. Enjoy! ~cw4ll

To Ink or Not

Trying to decide on that bit of ink you want forever on your body? I’m not gonna lie, I think tattoos are great. When they are the right thing in the right place, some are amazing art and I’m an artsy girl. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily support the process. However, if you are debating on whether or not to get one, weigh the pros and cons. Here’s a good article I came across with details of the process and how to avoid some huge mistakes.   ~Dutch


When the World is Your Canvas

frogWhat a busy week! Happy it’s finally Friday. Something that I am really into these days is street art. From cool graffiti to sidewalk chalk masterpieces, it’s all pretty awesome. 3D sidewalk murals are amazing, go here to see some that will really blow your mind. Also, over at street art utopia, they have a list each year of great pieces. I’ve been scrolling through today and realizing how completely not talented I am. That’s ok, I can cook some great Mexican food. Everyone has their own niche. Happy Friday peeps!   ~Dutch

Random Access Memories

Reading a recent Pitchfork article on Daft Punk makes me feel old. I had no idea they’d been around for 20 years! I was graduating high school when One More Time was making its rounds in clubs, and prior to that I was listening to Around The World that I downloaded off Napster in 1997. The release of their latest album Random Access Memories was a couple weeks ago, and it’s just what the EDM world needs. I generally am not a huge fan of current electronic music, the genre name is even redundant, Electronic Digital Music, come on! What Daft Punk has done different is collaborate with a number of artists to breath a new life into the digital age of music.

Recently I had a random Sunday night and managed to get some free tickets to see the Daft Punk Tribute band “One More Time,” which on paper sounds awful, but the guys playing tribute put on a really great show, and reminded me why I used to listen to Techno and House music in the first place. I haven’t seen a crowd that sweaty of dancing glow sticks since I was in college. I made fun of those people because at the time, indie music was my current music to be sad to. I guess the point of all this wandering text is that there will always be a place for both electronic and traditional instrumental music. Now that I’m old and have sweet salt and pepper beard thing going on it’s okay to like both. Now I have to to go shave and look presentable for work tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the audio for the track Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams below, and google “Daft Punk – Collaborators” to find all the episodes on YouTube of the artists they worked with on RAM. ~cw4ll

The Best Thing You’ll See Today

575485_10201313619584197_37920749_nWe all know that cats dominate the internet. Recently while I was at one of my favorite local watering holes, I noticed a change in the artwork on the walls. In place of where there are normally over priced artsy paintings from local artists for sale, was instead large prints of Cats in Outer Space. I couldn’t have been happier to see the confused faces of the local hipsters. Well after a week hiatus at the beach this past Memorial Day weekend, I did some light internet stalking and found the artist responsible for making me smile. Her name is Mandy Stoller and she runs Funky Catsterz. Stoller isn’t too far from my home town and has been based out of Nashville, TN since 2007. Currently, she is working with cats and Furbys (yes Furbys), but I’m sure if you asked nicely she’d put your dog in outer space with rainbow lasers and a David Bowie lighting bolt on it’s face. You can buy her stuff online, or like me, locally at a bar hanging on the wall. Want to collaborate with her? Follow her on Facebook and get in on some performance art, or that weird cat video you’ve been wanting to make where your cat DJ’s a house party while your friends all drink milk… ~cw

A Beautiful Mess

sunOne of my favorite blogs is A Beautiful Mess by Elsie and Emma. They are too cute girls that blog about everything: crafts, photography, recipes, fashion, you name it. I first learned about their blog from Pinterest after pinning lots of pictures that started from them. Why am I talking about a blog on tech day? Well, you probably weren’t thinking about that because most people don’t realize Cwall and I have a theme each day we go by. But we do. And Elsie and Emma just came out with their own photo editing app! I would say I have more photo apps than anything else on my phone. Theirs is pretty different because it’s very much their style. Cute borders, doodles, arrows, anchors, and phrases are all pre-loaded and you can change the colors and sizes yourself. I like the selection they have but you can also purchase more. The picture to the left is one I found and added some flair from this app. Check out their blog here and buy the app for 99 cents here.   ~Dutch

Filming in Progress

It’s the first Friday in May and if you live in East Tennessee you know that First Fridays are a good day to enjoy free wine, free art and free music. Today is a bit different though, I’m “working”, if you can even call it that. My friends local band the KVillians are playing a show tonight at the Jackson Avenue Market in the Old City of Downtown Knoxville, and I’ll be filming the show for a project I’m working on. You most likely won’t get famous being in one of my videos but you will end up on YouTube. The show is free tonight at the market, so if you’re in the area come check out the KVillians, and stick your face in my camera! Check the video below for their single “Unfinished Business” ~cw4ll

Devin Super Tramp

Most of the interwebs are still currently filled with cats and babies. Thankfully, there are still a few people out there making awesome new stuff that has less animals. Enter Devin Super Tramp, one of my favorite short film makers and YouTube Channels. His videos, like the one below, are most likely to give you a bit of a chill or excitement. The behind the scenes of the video below includes a guy pushing his now ex-girlfriend off a cliff attached to the 400 foot rope swing. I am pretty sure if you click through some of the videos we’ve posted in the past you’ll find his name in the credits. I’m still waiting for someone to buy me a couple Go-Pros and all the other equipment so I can make my own video this Memorial Day on Crab Island. Can you say Hermit Crab races in high definition? ~cwall

You Should Be Off Pudding


Totally off topic today, but who cares. I liked Jennifer Lawrence way before that movie where she was hungry the whole time (insert hipster comment here). In fact in Winter’s Bone, (which she almost wasn’t cast in for being “too pretty”) she also played a charter fighting to eat, but she was killing squirrels rather than teenagers.  She’s always hungry I assume. I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. Why would I? I can always catch the best parts on the internet and skip all the Hollywood garbage and commercials. If you don’t like Jennifer Lawrence I am about to change your mind, well I’m at least going to point you to an article on Jezebel.com (don’t judge me!). If their post of 11 reasons didn’t totally convince you, then you need to watch the Oscar’s edition of Between Two Ferns, I can only hope she came up with that “Off Pudding” line herself on the fly. You’ll need to google that one though, Funny or Die doesn’t pay me enough to link to their site as of yet. ~cwall