30-A Giveaway!

30AScenic Highway 30-A area is a very popular place down here in Florida. Besides the beaches and art galleries, it’s home to the incredible restaurant Red Bar. I love the area, the shopping, and the food. So there’s no surprise that 30-A stickers are seen all over the country. I remember years and years ago living in Knoxville, Tennessee and seeing my mom’s boss with the Red Bar sticker on her Range Rover. And at the time I thought, “Who puts a BAR sticker on their car?” But Red Bar is amazing and the food there is to die for. Anyway, back to the stickers. I’ve seen them everywhere and stacks of free ones in many stores. I just saw on 30A.com that whoever picks up the 500,000th sticker is going to be a very lucky person. Along with winning $500 to 30Agear.com, they also will get gift cards to Another Broken Egg and Shades restaurants here in town among quite a few more exciting prizes. More are to be announced too. So find that sticker!   ~Dutch


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