Candy Crush Zombies

candyHave you heard of Candy Crush? You can forget Farmville and Facebook and Words With Friends, this game is the new addiction. And it’s BAD. There are no zombies in the game, I’m just referring to when you are trying to talk to your friend but they are glued to their phone. Chances are they are playing Candy Crush. Basically, the game just involves lining up certain colors and shapes. It doesn’t sound that appealing but once you play, it looks SO easy to win that you have to keep playing. I know people that are in the 3 digit levels. I’m sad to say I’ve never made it past level 30. And in case you think I just stayed on that level for a while, you’re wrong. I may have deleted the app and then reinstalled it the next week and started all over. If you can’t wait for your time limit to be up for a new life, you can purchase more lives. I don’t know anyone who has spent any money in the game but I read today that Candy Crush is bringing in $633,000 a DAY. I was happy to see that 70% of players that finished the game were able to do so without purchasing anything. So it IS possible. That being said, download the app if you dare. Don’t do it if you have deadlines to meet but if you are going to be recovering from some kind of surgery that involves hours of bed rest, this is your game!   ~Dutch


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