Motherhood on the Rocks

toddler are like drunk peopleIf you are thinking about starting a family, maybe you babysit a friend’s kid to see how you do. Or hang out with other parents and see how they act. But did you ever think of preparing yourself by hanging out at a bar? Over at there is a great list of ways taking care of a toddler is like dealing with a drunk person. Now I almost said just go hang out with your friends when they are drunk but…if you have drunk friends you thought of, you shouldn’t be starting a family. So I changed it to bar, parents have drinks too! Some of the ways a toddler is similar to a drunk person include: no personal boundaries, falling over a lot, poor decision making skills, etc. It’s a pretty funny list. They also have ways to tell if you’re raising a diva and how having children is like living in a frat house. This site isn’t all comedy though. There are some personal stories about postpartum illness as well as recipes and saving money tips. I find it a good read, maybe you will too. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s been a busy week before the holiday weekend and I’ll be out of town. Next week will be back to normal. Have a safe weekend!   ~Dutch

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