The Lion and the Weenie Dog

Remember that old movie Milo and Otis? It was supposed to be a cute kid’s movie about the unlikely friendship of a dog and a cat. I didn’t like it. A dog and a cat can be unusual but not as much as a dog and a lion. Milo and Bonedigger are getting famous from their strange friendship. Bonedigger is a 500 pound lion at an Oklahoma park and Milo is a cute little dachshund, my favorite! Bonedigger has some kind of disability which could contribute to his temperament and he has been best friends with a pack of dachshunds since they were all young. Now, my dachshunds are sweet as can be but even so, we have to separate them for feeding time because one gets real mean when anyone tries to share her food. It’s crazy to see this giant lion sharing piles of meat with these little dogs and even letting them sleep on him! There are a few videos out there from this park but I will post a sweet one of when they were younger. Enjoy!   ~Dutch

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