WWDC 2013

wwdc_2013There’s a ton of tech news this week, from the X1 Microsoft conference to the Sony PS4 event, but the one I want to type about today is Apple’s WWDC. If you’re an Android or Windows fan you should browse somewhere else, because Apple’s numbers don’t lie, they are making the products that people are using. Mac sales are up 100% versus PC sales only up 18%, iOS devices are the most loved among its users by an average of 20% greater satisfaction by end users than Android users. If I still have any Google fan boys here, things are getting worse; the latest iOS 7 being released this fall is going to bring some of the features that Android users always complain about with Apple products. The iOS user interface been completely redesigned with a flatter but more layered feel, with more ways to get access to the things you use the most. This isn’t a debate, I’m just giving you my one sided view, however it always seems to be the Android users in my life that want to hate on Apple. Personally, I don’t care, use what you like. I like Apple and I won’t shove it down your throat, well, besides this post, but I don’t want to hear about your plastic Android that runs some fragmented version of Google’s great OS. There is a method to Apple’s madness, but I’ll let you decide. Click here to watch the full keynote from yesterday. ~cw4ll


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