Health + Fitness

whLate post today! Cwall and I have a case of the Mondays so you readers will have to take what you can get. First off, Women’s Health magazine has been my favorite for years and years. I love the tips, recipes, real life stories, etc. A subscription is pretty cheap but these days I have it come right into my Tablet for under $2 an issue. So I read it regularly but never thought to share that until today. Check out your favorite fitness magazines and see if you can get digital issues.

Also, I came across this blog called The Haute Bunny and this girl has great routines to try. She hasn’t been blogging for much longer than we have and she has WAY more followers. Go to her site and see why. I have a few of her workouts saved that I have been doing and they leave me pretty sore. She has specific target areas as well as a 4 week challenge and Beach Body workout. She also features fashion and beauty on her blog. Go to her site and see how you can change up your own routine.   ~Dutch


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