In Sweet Potato News…

beansOnce upon a time, we would talk about food on this blog. There are so many food blogs out there though so we try not to make it a regular thing. However, readers love recipes! So today, I’m sharing my new love of sweet potatoes. While some have shied away from them because of the whole Atkin’s phase/carbs are the devil, these little guys are a good source of vitamins B, C, fiber, iron and magnesium.  I’m not a big french fry person but I do love sweet potato fries. Other than that, I had never had them. Sweet potato pie just sounds so wrong. Actually, I hate all the desserts associated with holidays. But I aim to try new recipes regularly, all from my Pinterest boards, and love when I find a new one that’s equally fast and delicious. That would be these black bean & sweet potato flautas from They take less than half an hour to prepare and cook and are pretty much amazing to eat. I used Daiya cheese in mine so I was able to accommodate my dairy-free and meat-free friends. You could try these sweet potato fries or crisps too. I’ve sliced them up, added some spices and a little olive oil to bake my own chips as well. Share your ideas if you have some good tips. Happy Friday world!   ~Dutch

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