Everything is Better in a Fort

fortBefore I get started, you aren’t too old, too young, too rich, too poor, too busy, or too mature to build a fort. So read this to get your gears going on your next architectural exhibit. I hadn’t even thought about forts in a long time until I saw a picture of a little guy with his fort around a box fan that made it a HUGE fort. That’s brilliant. Mom and Dad, why didn’t you ever think of this?? (Like my parents read my blog…or any blog…or get online…) Sometimes I get in those moods where I have to hide out in the bathroom because either my house is too messy to look at or my dogs both have to be sitting on my stomach and I just need to get away. But now, I’m totally sheeting up my own little fort and having a mini-mini vacation. Look here for some great fort ideas. I’m looking forward to making a beach fort this weekend. No seagull poop or creepers ogling us, YAY!   ~Dutch


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