The Challenge: Rivals 2

worldThis girl loves a good competition so I have to say I am pretty excited to hear that MTV is bringing back The Challenge: Rivals. Real World and Road Rules got way too crazy for me to keep up with so I haven’t watched in years. The Challenge brings back people from those seasons and has them compete in crazy conditions with everyone living together. Sometimes the house is amazing and they get to live it up in luxury. But sometimes they’ve had to live in an open-air home on an island and are rationed out food that they inevitably all fight for. The way these people act, you don’t want anyone to win (this season is a $350,000 prize) but it’s great to watch them attempt insane challenges I could never have come up with myself. This season the theme is Rivals for the second time so when the players arrive, they find out they have to be on teams of two, each with the person they hated most from past shows. This is almost as good as when they did Battle of the Exes. On the last episode of Rivals 1, one of the players got a cramp on the way up a mountain and his (smaller) teammate (who he hates for hooking up with his fiancé on their season) ended up having to carry him to the end. They didn’t win either. But that’s good stuff! Rivals 2 is filming in Thailand and premieres July 10th. See the cast here.    ~Dutch

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