Random Access Memories

Reading a recent Pitchfork article on Daft Punk makes me feel old. I had no idea they’d been around for 20 years! I was graduating high school when One More Time was making its rounds in clubs, and prior to that I was listening to Around The World that I downloaded off Napster in 1997. The release of their latest album Random Access Memories was a couple weeks ago, and it’s just what the EDM world needs. I generally am not a huge fan of current electronic music, the genre name is even redundant, Electronic Digital Music, come on! What Daft Punk has done different is collaborate with a number of artists to breath a new life into the digital age of music.

Recently I had a random Sunday night and managed to get some free tickets to see the Daft Punk Tribute band “One More Time,” which on paper sounds awful, but the guys playing tribute put on a really great show, and reminded me why I used to listen to Techno and House music in the first place. I haven’t seen a crowd that sweaty of dancing glow sticks since I was in college. I made fun of those people because at the time, indie music was my current music to be sad to. I guess the point of all this wandering text is that there will always be a place for both electronic and traditional instrumental music. Now that I’m old and have sweet salt and pepper beard thing going on it’s okay to like both. Now I have to to go shave and look presentable for work tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the audio for the track Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams below, and google “Daft Punk – Collaborators” to find all the episodes on YouTube of the artists they worked with on RAM. ~cw4ll

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