The Best Thing You’ll See Today

575485_10201313619584197_37920749_nWe all know that cats dominate the internet. Recently while I was at one of my favorite local watering holes, I noticed a change in the artwork on the walls. In place of where there are normally over priced artsy paintings from local artists for sale, was instead large prints of Cats in Outer Space. I couldn’t have been happier to see the confused faces of the local hipsters. Well after a week hiatus at the beach this past Memorial Day weekend, I did some light internet stalking and found the artist responsible for making me smile. Her name is Mandy Stoller and she runs Funky Catsterz. Stoller isn’t too far from my home town and has been based out of Nashville, TN since 2007. Currently, she is working with cats and Furbys (yes Furbys), but I’m sure if you asked nicely she’d put your dog in outer space with rainbow lasers and a David Bowie lighting bolt on it’s face. You can buy her stuff online, or like me, locally at a bar hanging on the wall. Want to collaborate with her? Follow her on Facebook and get in on some performance art, or that weird cat video you’ve been wanting to make where your cat DJ’s a house party while your friends all drink milk… ~cw

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