NFL Player Problems

It is perfectly acceptable to mix up your kids’ names when you are trying to get their attention, especially if you have a few. I have a big family and am used to being called the wrong one. I did find it strange that I was always confused with just one sister though. We didn’t look much alike and are eight years apart. But all my siblings are from the same two parents and if you sat my parents down, they could definitely come up with all our names. Maybe even our ages too, or close to it. That brings me to today’s video. Antonio Cromartie plays for the New York Jets and this video circulated a few years ago that will have you shaking your head in disbelief. He struggles to remember his kids’ names and ages and from what it sounds like, all of them were 3 years old. Pretty sad Cromartie! What’s even worse is after this video went around, he had 4 more kids! Which brings his total to 12 kids from 8 different women.  Really, Cromartie?? I’m shaking my head at you.   ~Dutch


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