Sites For Sore Eyes

catSee what I did there? When we first launched this site, I had a short post about where I get my glasses for cheap. is one of my usual sites because they have great deals and offer a wide selection of frames. At Coastal, you always get your first pair free. Right now, they also have a 2-pairs-for-$95 deal. And if you spend over $75, you get a gift certificate to for $100. If you have perfect vision, they have great prices on designer sunglasses as well. Since my eyes have been a literal pain the past two years, I have had to invest in prescription sunglasses. is my go-to site for this. All their lenses come with free scratch protection too, I can appreciate that. As if $39 wasn’t already an amazing price, they are doing 20% off your purchase until May 28th with the code MEM20 at checkout. So throw in all those upgrades and still come out with barely a dent in your wallet. If you know of any other places to check out, let us know!   ~Dutch


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