Yoga Problems

puppyI don’t go to many exercise classes mostly because I always get embarrassed. It’s easy to think you have great coordination until you see yourself in wall to wall mirrors. What makes it worse is when the instructor calls attention to how dumb you look. Yoga and Pilates are the worst. They always look right at me and say “If you’re struggling, try this other move…” Well, that might sound nice but in a pilates class, there are only professionals. So when I go, I’m always the one struggling and when they say something like that, it’s like another language and the whole class looks over at you like “oh YOU are the one who can’t do it!” And when you fall and start laughing the teacher comes over and says, “People come here to meditate so laughing is inappropriate.” Um…where am I again? So I wish I could go to classes and just record what the teachers say. Zumba is good because they don’t talk. But then there’s the dancing….well, this is another reason to just embrace being out of shape! I found this list from The Hairpin of “10 things my yoga instructor said that almost made me quit yoga” which got me started on today’s rant. The best one is: “You hear the ice cream truck outside, acknowledge it, then let it go.” Happy Friday y’all!  ~Dutch


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