Pet Shaming

dogI’d like to personally thank the genius that came up with pet shaming. I would have posted a personal photo but the lighting was bad. We have two dogs that I’ll refer to as the black one and the brown one. The brown one chews on socks pretty much all day long and has a stash under her bed. I had to shame her by putting her in jail (her kennel) when husband didn’t have any socks for work. The black one runs around the house barking like someone is breaking in when husband is in the shower. Then when he comes out to yell at her, she’s all the sudden wrapped up all cute in a blanket like a little old granny with just her sweet face sticking out and a look like “all that barking must have been your brown one”. They also eat dollar bills and make expensive turds, shred toilet paper, and eat flip flops. Kids! My favorite photos are the ones that say “I thought you were never coming back so I panicked” and the flooring/walls/couch are torn to shreds. I mean, that wouldn’t be funny if it was me but I can laugh at others’ misfortunes. If you want more dog shaming, go here. If you are a cat person, try this site.   ~Dutch


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