I use Pandora daily in my car to stream music I like from my iPhone. Last month I hit my 40 hour limit with ten days left in the month. Pandora’s business model sucks. Play music for free, listen to irrelevant ads (play videos while you drive), only get limited access to the free service that they make ad revenue from, when your time is up ask you for money for the ad free service or a buck for the rest of the month. So they want a buck so you can continue to listen to their ad based service, which they make money off of already.

[pan-dawr-uh, -dohr-uh]
Cut off your nose to spite your face.

I’m focusing on “free” streaming service. There is no such thing, but some are better than others. Songza played literally nothing I enjoyed, Twitters new #music service only works if you have a pre-existing account with another service (read Spotify), iHeartRadio is a good alternative and works well with my Bluetooth stereo, but still has some limitations. GrooveShark needs to work on their web interface, and who knows how long they’ll actually be around. New to the streaming music playground is Piki, which just came out of beta testing and should be available for all your devices soon. Piki is the same but different. When you sign up, it asks you to pick a few songs you really like then develops a station based on your choices. Additionally, it connects you with other users with similar preferences, thereby ‘crowd sourcing” your musical tastes. Piki is free, and has no listening caps or hourly limits. There are a certain number of skips you’re allowed but it’s more than Pandora and iHeartRadio. Download it here and give it a try! ~cw4ll


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