More Reasons Some People Shouldn’t Have Kids (or Facebook)

kidsI have a confession to make: the site Mommyish is bookmarked and I read it regularly. No, I’m not a mom and probably would be scared to read it if I was a mom but whatever, I like it for now. There’s one contributor that talks about things you can’t believe parents are saying and let’s just say if my eyes could roll any farther back in my head, I might pass out. One post was actual Facebook statuses that started with something about the Boston bombing but ended about their kids like “Pray for Boston! And baby peed in the toilet tonight!” Another post is parents freaking out about people stealing their baby names (something I’d totally do but not online). Parents who sound like idiots: “Won beer pong four times in a row, while breastfeeding! I rock!” And parents posting their “special” baby names like Coventree, Elim Romulus, Oaklyn & Bronson…YIKES. So I started reading one blog like this and kept reading all the related posts and…now my day is almost over! Happy Friday world. ~Dutch

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