Wish I Was Here

wishiwashereThis past Wednesday Zach Braff started a Kickstarter for his new movie, “Wish I Was Here.” If you’re a fan of his you know that Garden State was a fantastic coming of age film about a man in his twenties discovering new life, and you also know that for a relatively low budget it was a huge success. Wish I Was Here, written, directed and staring Braff is a similar film about a man in his 30’s that is into Cosplay and is still trying to find his identity. Think “third-of-a-life-crisis.”  Braff could have gone the Hollywood route and secured backing from the big guys but all of them wanted “final cut.” Being internet savvy and following in the footsteps of up and coming actors, directors, comedians and musicians, Braff turned to Kickstarter. The goal is two million in thirty days so he can start filming in the fall, two million sounds like a lot, but in movie terms, it’s nothing, and allowing Braff complete creative control is well worth the cost. Two million on Kickstarter? That sounds crazy for a website that has been helping musicians and designers bring their ideas to life. Thankfully Braff clearly has some loyal fans, in the past three days the film has already raised 1.8 million dollars. Three days! That leaves 27 days to come up with the other quarter mill, easily doable, which means that he’ll probably get much more pledged, which just means more goodness (and leg touching) for you and me when the film hits theaters. Enough about what I think, check the video below and let Zach explain it to you, even if you don’t pledge, the video and the Kickstarter page is worth a look. ~cw4ll


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