Things You Can Cook in a Mug

cookieRemember those nights when you were watching TV after dinner and couldn’t stop thinking about how you REALLY wanted a brownie? Those nights are over. I see a lot of the “mug recipes” on Pinterest and have tried a few myself. It’s so convenient! You most likely have all the ingredients already, throw them in a mug and start the microwave. Seconds later, your dessert! And you don’t have to hate yourself afterwards…unless you made lots of mug brownies and put ice cream on top…which I’ve never done. I also tried the cookie in a mug, equally amazing. Before I could go through my Pinterest boards and get all the links together for this post, I saw that Buzzfeed had a list and they have some I haven’t seen! Like French toast, cinnamon roll, and coffee cake. Can’t wait to try these! Here is the recipe for the brownie I made and see a list of more recipes here.  Happy Friday!   ~Dutch


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