Third Man Records

goodsellvoiceographNeil29450Last Saturday was Record Store Day, and while initially I had intended to bring it up Friday, I was out of town and completely forgot about it. This years Record Store Day ambassador was Jack White of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, appropriately he also runs a record label that he created back in 2001, and opened an official location in 2009. The Nashville based brick and mortar location boasts a record store, the record label offices, a photo studio with a dark room, a live venue and even an analog recording booth. This year for Record Store Day, Third Man Records introduced a completely refurbished 1947 analog recording booth, and anyone who ponies up the cash can record 111 seconds onto vinyl. There was a line waiting Saturday for the booth for everything ranging from a wedding proposal to Neil Young and Jack White making recordings. Basically you drop your tokens in the machine, watch for the prompts, record your song, and listen back as it cold pressed to a high quality 6 inch vinyl that will play on modern turntables. Did I mention you can grab a prestamped record envelope and drop in the mail to that girl you’ve been Facebook stalking? The novelties lounge even has a photo booth if you feel like dropping in a photo strip with your 2 minutes of music! Check out the video below and support your local record store. ~cw4ll


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