Amanda Bynes Sues the World

abDo you recognize the person in this picture? Well, even without the blanket over her head, Amanda Bynes looks A LOT different since her Nickelodeon days. I feel slightly bad about drawing more attention to this but we at DisasterJuice love a good train wreck. I keep hearing about her “erratic behavior” and had to investigate. Along with calling a lot of people ugly on Twitter, she says she is suing every person and magazine that writes lies about her. So…I’m just reporting what she said, for the record. Since her DUI last year, she has hopped on the Lindsay Lohan track and it’s going FAST. Here’s what I’ve dug up from her Twitter: she pierced her cheeks, shaved her head and now wears a wig, ALWAYS makes duck-face, posts her own photos which she approves to be reposted (but no others or you get sued), walks around the city smoking a joint, says she has an eating disorder, cut off all friends and family, and thinks everyone is harassing her. Is someone gonna help this girl?? Her rants remind me of Charlie Sheen, but hey, all that helped his career even more. Since she did retire for like 2 seconds, maybe this is just her plan to get her career back. Hey Amanda, there’s other ways to get attention.    ~Dutch


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