“It’s Business Time”

Flight of the Conchords premiered in 2007 on HBO with Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. The New Zealand based duo have gotten around, appearing at Bonnaroo, hitting the Late Night show rounds, becoming pretty popular in the U.S. They’ve also had spots in quite a few movies like Men in Black 3, Dinner for Schmucks (so good!), and The Hobbit. The HBO show only played out for two seasons, unfortunately. Bret and Jemaine’s dialogue is always priceless and the rest of the cast makes for a perfect comedic show. Rhys Darby plays their band manager Murray, and Arj Barker and Kristen Schaal are regulars as well. Each episode has guest stars and their songs are woven into the plot of each one. They talked about working on a movie but nothing ever turned up. Wish this Throwback had a happy ending but they only tour in New Zealand, so…watch them on Netflix! Below is one of their best known songs and check out the outtakes from the show here. ~Dutch

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