Stay in Touch

Following the events that happened yesterday during the Boston Marathon, cell phone service was reportedly suspended, and later due to heavy traffic was temporarily down. If you’ve ever been in an area struck by a natural disaster or other horrific event, or had a friend or family member in the area, you know the immediate desire to communicate with the outside world. As demonstrated yesterday, cell phone service is probably not the best or most reliable way to keep in touch with loved ones, but a smart phone can still your best friend in case of emergency. Start with the options that let the most people know your status – good or bad – email, Facebook, twitter, etc… Rather than using cell service, switch over to WiFi, hopefully someone in the area has an open connection available, there are even emergency apps available designed to be configured in advance to let a specific group of people know your whereabouts. put together a better list than I can provide you with, check it out here. One of the best tips that I hadn’t thought of was changing your voice mail to a message to callers letting them know you’re safe, that way even if phones are down, callers will get your message. Whether you’re a first responder, lending a helping hand, or a victim, communicating with the people you care about is a top priority. “An ounce of prevention…” ~cw4ll

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