Anti – Procrastination App

phoneI usually hate stories of young people hitting it big with a very simple concept so I don’t generally blog about them. I don’t know why I couldn’t have come up with Doodle Jump or Line Birds. They are so simple! But anyway, two high school students are getting recognized for creating the app Finish. During finals week, they came up with the idea to create something to help people juggle all their deadlines and prioritize them by due date. Even though it’s annoying that these kids are almost half my age, I do appreciate that they admitted they had no idea what they were doing. After months of talking with other designers, making tons of mock-ups and learning all they could, they submitted it to Apple. The app went right to the number one spot in productivity apps and has stayed in the popular categories. There are tons of scheduling apps but this one is easy to use, letting you know what’s coming up and helping you focus on the projects at hand. So download it! It’s only 99 cents right now.   ~Dutch

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