St. Paul and The Broken Bones


This past weekend I was walking around downtown during the Rhythm n’ Blooms music festival. I got a tip from a friend about a band I should check out if I had time. That band was St. Paul and The Broken Bones, from Birmingham, Alabama. The tip paid off, St. Paul put on an electric performance in a crowded hot basement venue, thanks in part to their front man Paul Janeway. His story is why I’m posting it on a Monday, which we normally reserve for something motivating, and because it’s fresh in my mind. St. Paul was set to play a show in Austin’s SXSW festival, however Janeway’s request to leave work at the bank that he was a teller at was denied, he had a choice to make. Play the show and lose his job, or keep his job and continue pursuing his degree in accounting.

I think the fact that I saw them Friday night is answer enough to the choice he made. The band continues to have a snowball effect with every show they play. Their music is a mix of soul, rock, R&B and blues. Janeway’s voice is likened to some of the greats before him, imagine Aretha Franklin with James Brown. Like the Alabama Shakes, St. Paul seems to have hit the music scene at just the right time. Pop & Rock genres continue to pump out singles with no life, and EDM has it’s place, but it’s not for the live audience. Okay, enough of my words, the video below is my current favorite track of theirs, titled “Call Me.” ~cw4ll

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