Brooklyn Brew Shop

kit-everyday-ipa_5Thinking about brewing up some tasty adult beverages, but you don’t like the idea of turning your garage into a brewery? Brooklyn Brew Shop has got you covered. They initially started up for home brewers in NYC that didn’t have room for the traditional 5 gallon kits readily available on every other brewing site. They scaled down the recipes, the equipment needed and came up with a 1 gallon kit that takes up less than one square foot of space underneath your sink or in a closest. Forty bucks gets you the basic kit and mashing ingredients for your preferred brew. They sell a few accessories but the idea is that you should already have most of the needed pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets already. You can pick up additional flavors from BBS for fifteen bucks, with flavors changing seasonally. They give you everything you need to make almost a twelve pack in a neatly packed box that fits under your sink. Want more? They give you downloadable instructions, and have a bunch of well produced videos if you need help. You still want more? Fine! Check out their blog for more recipes, and even ways to use your spent grains other than feeding them to your pet goat. I really shouldn’t even tell you, but they also have a club, you join, they send you new recipes every couple months before they hit the shelves. Stop reading and start ordering we could be drinking by now already! Look for some DisasterJuice brew in the near future! ~cw4ll


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