Paramore ~ Now

paraIf I could be any singer in any band of all time, it would have to be Hayley Williams of Paramore. Along with being adorable and crazy talented, at age 24, the girl can rock out. I’m always impressed with a female front to a male rock band. And does anyone know any of the other guys’ names in the band? I didn’t either. That’s why brothers Josh and Zac Farro left the band in 2010 after six years together. They had a falling out when Hayley was the only one in the band to get signed to Atlantic and they didn’t want to “ride on her coattails”. That’s too bad for them because Paramore made 3 albums together and got 3 Grammy Nominations. But when Hayley was featured in the B.O.B song Airplanes, it went four times platinum. I’m still glad she’s doing the band thing and her next album Now comes out April 9th. Riot came out in 2007 which brought us the great song Misery Business (who hasn’t sung that in Rock Band?) and the sweet song Hallelujah. Then Brand New Eyes had Ignorance and The Only Exception among a few other hit singles. I’m looking forward to the new album. You can preorder it here and listen to the new single Still Into You.    ~Dutch

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