Emoji Use – Never Hold Back!

emoFor a long time, I wondered why I only had one page of emoji icons on my IPhone when everyone else had tons. Really cool ones too, like the turd and booze. Then someone showed me all I had to do was scroll and there were tons more pages. After that, everything was just a blur. I’m addicted to using emoji characters in my texts. I can’t help it, there’s an image for EVERYTHING. I barely have to use real letters now. From vacations to drinks and dinner to ladies night out to “Who wants to go the desert tonight riding camels into the sunset?” – it’s all there. Some men have a hard time including these in their messages. Well fellas, it’s not just a woman thing. Esquire magazine has a guide for using Emoji. Check out the article and learn how to use it. Advice includes using fruits and vegetables for those kinds of messages, taunting your parents, driving your non-iPhone friends crazy, and always taking advantage of white space. You can read the article here. ~Dutch


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