Vernal Equinox Style

BREven though it doesn’t feel like Spring outside today, the sun is shining and according to the calendar it’s officially the first day of warmer weather and longer days. I was thinking about telling you why Spring is early this year but it’s really boring so I’m going to leave that up to the guys at to explain. Now back on track, Spring and Fall are my two favorite times for outdoor activities, as the weather is generally perfect, not too hot, not too cold. I do have one problem this year though. Recently while shopping, I noticed that this particular Spring’s clothing choices have gone full on pastel. This is a problem, I feel like the eighties called and they want their clothes back. Okay it’s not that bad but seriously, I think the Easter Bunny puked on all the clothes this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional splash of color, and even seersucker, just not in baby blue. Ask Dutch, I successfully ruined several of her wedding photos due to a khaki seersucker suit that refuses to show up correctly in photographs. Moving on, thankfully some sense still exists with some men’s clothing designers. GQ’s 2013 Trend Report has less pastel and more classics but I’m still not crazy about sea foam green pants. I think the guys who work at (they also run, which we’ve mentioned before) somewhat agree with me on the less than loud color options this season, check out some of their men’s fashion here. Back to work and answering all these calls about the Travel Channel… ~cwall

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