Reasons Taylor Swift Might Be the Next Britney Spears

tsCould this ever really happen? We hope not. But here’s why it is a possibility: To start with, they both came onto the scene at a very young age. They both made way more money than they ever needed before they were even able to drive. That is enough to make you go a little crazy in Hollywood. Especially since Britney has absolutely NO talent at all, one area Taylor beats her at. Next, the media is VERY interested in their personal lives. Everyone was talking about Britney and Justin (did they or didn’t they?), Colin Farrell, KFed, her manager, her Vegas wedding, etc. For some reason, many are invested in TSwift’s dating world. I’m not sure why, it’s a pretty simple merry-go-round. She reads in a magazine that someone called her their dream girl, sets up a meeting with them, holds hands the next day, buys a house next to theirs, then they dump her. It’s annoying enough that it’s on every magazine cover, which I’m sure she sees, but then people like Chelsea Handler go and give their theory on her love life…and that’s enough to get someone like Swift to check herself into rehab. Yeah, she won Entertainer of the Year somehow but that’s not enough to get you to “rise above”. Then this week, MSN has a headline about a pile of Taylor’s fan mail found unopened in a Nashville dumpster. I’m just saying, the fans are gonna turn. I actually really like most of her music and think she could really be a nice girl. So far we haven’t seen her chain smoking, flashing paparazzi, shaving her head, or having public meltdowns, but there’s still time. She does have a song about Kanye West, is known for being a serial dater, and recently started dressing up like she’s an adult (finally). Let’s all cross our fingers she can keep it together for the kids. After all, she does live in Nashville rather than Louisiana so there’s a chance! ~Dutch

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