sharetapes011This one is right up Dutch’s alley! There are always mix CD’s laying around her house and in her car, and they aren’t just for her. Often when I leave from a long weekend visit, one of her coveted mixes is in the CD player for the long drive home. CD’s are however becoming more and more scarce, just like the mix tapes once used before. Digital music is commonplace today, but giving a “mix tape” is still an awesome gift, whether it’s for that girl you’re crushing on and you somehow believe that the words in some obscure song are going to woo her into your heart, or you just need a drive home from work mix, or a throw back mix from good times gone by. Sharetapes has you covered, basically you buy a pack of tapes, add your music and give them to someone worthy of your mixing efforts.

Sharetapes let’s you make a playlist from across multiple online services including YouTube, Spotify, 8tracks and more. So you load up your rockin’ 80’s mix online, record it to your specific Sharetape and pop it in the mail to your creepy uncle that’s still sporting tight rolled jeans and a Member’s Only jacket. To play one of your sweet new mixes all you have to do is tap it on your NFC enabled smartphone, snap a picture of the QR code on the back or just be boring and visit Sharetapes website. They even offer custom designed tapes for bands, marketing or special occasions, I would much rather get a mix tape than some box of old candy as a wedding favor. Click here to order a pack of five for 7 bucks!  -Cwall


One thought on “Sharetapes

  1. Brilliant!!! I’m so jealous I didn’t come up with this idea. And I’m glad I read your posts because I just bought some share tapes of my own. Pretty excited. Thx partner! ~Dutch

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