The Dirty Guv’nahs Fairlane

Normally, I would bore you with some nerdy post today but to be honest, I got nothing. I just got back in town from sunny Florida and the last thing I want to do is think about tech. So instead I’m gonna talk about some “local boys done good.” A great local band, The Dirty Guv’nahs just released their newest video for the song “Fairlane” off the album “Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies.” The Guv’nahs have been slowly coming around lately with the help of endless touring and hard work in the studio. Even though I’ve never bought an album of theirs, I have been to plenty of their shows here in town and it’s always a great time. The main reason I wanted to talk about them today though is because of the video, which I’ve watched several times already. It looks like it was filmed entirely in Knoxville. I recognize almost every shot location in the video, from railroad tracks to Mead’s Quarry. What’s great is that it’s well shot. Recently I watched a local film, shot and produced in the area, that made my town look like a Spanish soap opera. Knoxville is an awesome growing city, and as long as you don’t have bad allergies it’s a great place to live. I feel like giving a shout out to the director, Scott Murphy, who has shot all The Guv’nah’s videos to date. Check out some of Scott’s stuff here at Badland Pictures. If you’re ever in the area you might want check the barstool or table next to you. I see Cosmo all over town, I think we must share similar watering holes and mexican restaurants. If you’re not, click the link above and check out their upcoming tour dates. Did I mention the girl in the video? ~cwall


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