When You Don’t Want To Work Out

lgsWe all know how important our health is. Eating healthy and staying fit is easier said than done though. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to embrace new routines, don’t give up. Next Avenue had a great article with 10 tips for people who don’t want to work out. These involve making small changes to our daily activities incorporating more fitness. There are some obvious tips we all know we can do, like parking our car farther away to walk more and taking stairs instead of elevators. But sometimes when we make a conscious effort to do something specific during an everyday task, it’s hard to forget about it. Years ago, I saw on TV that doing leg lifts while brushing your teeth was a great way to add a few minutes of toning every day. I think about that every single time I brush my teeth now. If you put a yoga mat or hand weights in front of your TV, I promise they’ll taunt you while watching your favorite shows. Determine to get in a short workout during commercial breaks. If you work at an office, try stretching at your desk or doing chair dips (when people aren’t watching). Even standing up to take phone calls would be an improvement. There are many ways to get more movement in your day. Check out the rest of the list and see what you can add in your daily routine. ~Dutch


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