What Most Schools Don’t Teach

I currently have 14 browser tabs open on two 23 inch screens. Why? So I could bring this post to you today. Okay, not really, but I use two monitors everyday when I work so I can keep actual work on one – something I am producing, and the work order on the other with what the client wants. I got my first computer when I was 12, I bought it myself, it was a piece of junk, but ever since then I have immersed myself into a world of technology and I haven’t looked back since. It’s no longer just a hobby, it’s my job. I have worked professionally in the software industry for more than 10 years. I no longer code on a regular basis, but when I do, I’m am still amazed at what I can accomplish for a customer with a few lines of code. Even mundane tasks like deleting a fax log file so that the customers computer doesn’t get overloaded with junk. Today coding is a growing skill and the job demand for those skills is growing even faster, Tesla Motors recently had to send a firmware update to one of their vehicles owners to solve an issue with the car. Code is literally everywhere. The website code.org put together a great inspirational video on the subject and cast some of the most influential people in tech today. Check it out below and hit up code.org for the resources you need to get started. I think the most inspiring lines from the video is at the end, when the developers of Valve, and Dropbox, compare coding to the closest thing to having a super power. What’s your super power? ~cwall


One thought on “What Most Schools Don’t Teach

  1. That’s a great video, it’s going on my FB page immediately. I also started to learn to code when I was about 12 on ZX81’s, Spectrums, Commodores and eventually BBC Micros… basically anything I could get my hands on! It set me up for a great career and has been a lot of fun too. 🙂

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