You Should Be Off Pudding


Totally off topic today, but who cares. I liked Jennifer Lawrence way before that movie where she was hungry the whole time (insert hipster comment here). In fact in Winter’s Bone, (which she almost wasn’t cast in for being “too pretty”) she also played a charter fighting to eat, but she was killing squirrels rather than teenagers.  She’s always hungry I assume. I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. Why would I? I can always catch the best parts on the internet and skip all the Hollywood garbage and commercials. If you don’t like Jennifer Lawrence I am about to change your mind, well I’m at least going to point you to an article on (don’t judge me!). If their post of 11 reasons didn’t totally convince you, then you need to watch the Oscar’s edition of Between Two Ferns, I can only hope she came up with that “Off Pudding” line herself on the fly. You’ll need to google that one though, Funny or Die doesn’t pay me enough to link to their site as of yet. ~cwall


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