“Fitness Tips” for Women

I came across this guy Bret Contreras after I read an article about him and how annoying he was. He wrote a post called 120 Tips on Strength Training for Women. These “tips” he has accumulated over several months of training male and female clients. He said his intent is to inform other trainers about his observations but it looks like he just offends many. There are some tips I can appreciate like: Some women can indeed get too big of quads with squat/lunge overload. And: Many would perform their entire workout as one giant circuit so you have to be reminded to rest adequately for strength gains. Then there are some observations that made me crack up: Many love isolation lifts and feeling the burn, probably too much. And: Most women think there’s a magic fitness secret out there and try to juggle every methodology which results in being mediocre at a variety of things rather than highly skilled in a few areas. And my favorite: Women love putting chalk on their hands and then clapping hard – thereby getting chalk everywhere rather than keeping it solely on their hands (probably because they’ve seen gymnasts do this).

After reading most of his post, I could see why people find him sexist. But in my head, I picture Ronnie from Jersey Shore trying to train this 20 year old bimbo who just goes to the gym to get attention and watch herself in the mirrors. And to be honest, a lot of the things he says apply to me and my friends. Doesn’t mean I don’t work out hard though. I’ll never wear the workout gloves; I’ll take calluses over walking around like I’m a pro when I have no muscle definition at all. But knowing that this is the kind of stuff those juiceheads are thinking, that’s enough motivation for me to always stay at the gym at least an hour, do at least one full set at any machine, and not leave until my shirt is thoroughly soaked. Then at least if I catch anyone’s eyes as I’m walking out, they have to admit I tried. ~Dutch

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