Postal Service : 2013

Happy 10 year anniversary Postal Service! This post isn’t about the mailman getting weekends off and the price of stamps going up every month. It’s about the band that brought us “Such Great Heights”. I would hope everyone knows the singer is Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie. This is a step in the right direction after he broke my heart when he and Zooey Deschanel divorced. The Postal Service came out with Give Up in 2003 and are reissuing it this year with two new tracks. Below is a video of one of those tracks. Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley sings backup again, as she did on the original album. I also learned while researching this that Gibbard had a solo album come out late last year that escaped my attention. I read a few reviews on it and have to admit I’m a little scared to check it out. Branching out on his own after addiction, getting clean, marriage, and divorce…I don’t know what to expect. I half wish it was as Desaparecidos is to Bright Eyes but I know it won’t be like that. Gibbard needs to get angry! Meanwhile, let’s all go see Postal Service this year. Here are the tour dates. ~Dutch

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