Working AFK

relaxing_work_laptop_0Quick shout out to Liz & Rio on winning Dutch’s bunny-selects-a-winner drawing! You owe me a coffee next time I’m wherever you are in cyberspace!

Back on track. I love to travel, but that can be difficult because it requires money, which in turn requires me to work. Thankfully, working in the tech industry I am able to work almost anywhere for a number of things I do on a daily basis. My biggest job being that of supporting clients’ systems from afar. I already do this in the office so getting it done out of the office is a matter of an internet connection. I only need to come in to the office to do physical work, which surprisingly there is a growing amount of. My biggest problem is keeping a schedule when I travel. I would rather work odd hours when I’m “Away From Keyboard” but this doesn’t always work for clients who keep 9 to 5 hours. For me, it’s all about balance and getting the job done. I found a great article today on being productive while traveling, check it out here. It has a bunch of great tips, some of which I already try to put into practice and others that I really need to work on, but I really hate networking with people on a plane, I’d rather put my earphones on and zone out.

I will say that recently I have been able to work on the beach, at the pool, in Disney World, my bed, the couch and while riding shotgun in a car. All made possible by having the right tools in place prior to travel. I use Google Drive to store customer files and have it sync across my office PC, laptop, iPad & iPhone. I use to access my office desktop for several apps that I occasionally need access to, and I use a product called GoToAssist to help clients. GTA allows me either interact directly with a customer on a machine or install software for unattended remote support, say for server maintenance.

Additionally, I have a good VoIP phone system that follows me wherever I may be from one number and/or extension, that way customers and co-workers can find me easily. Not to mention it emails faxes and voicemails right to all my devices. Wireless Internet is everywhere today, get outside and take advantage of it! ~cwall


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