DisasterJuice – 101

fireworks! Once upon a time, Cwall and I decided we would display our random thoughts and this turned into a joint blog: DisasterJuice. Just a few months later (today), we got our followers into the 3 digits! Sure, lots of blogs have thousands of followers. But they had to get 100 first! So we are pretty excited about our following. In December, we said there would be a random giveaway when we hit the 100 mark. True to our word, we are sending out a Starbucks gift card. How did we pick a follower at random? Like anybody else would. We hired a white bunny to pick a name from a black hat. The winner is LizandRio! If you haven’t seen her blog, check it out. I think this was meant to be because the Rio of Liz and Rio is a cute little brown dachshund. I also have a brown dachshund named Riyo, so I think our little bunny picked the perfect winner. Congrats Liz! And thank you to all our followers. We always welcome feedback so leave us comments or suggestions. 1,000 here we come!   ~Dutch

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